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Tweets from the Week: #SMMW14’s Top 5 Tweets

Well, it’s all over folks. The sun has set on the second annual Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. We left with fun memories, new friendships and tons of takeaways. This comes as no surprise, seeing as though the weekend was STACKED with quality content and conversations, thanks to an attendance of over 2,000 social media professionals, 80+ speakers and 54k #SMMW Tweets. So, instead of the usual Top Tweets from the Week post, we’re shifting the focus of this one to the 5 most popular Tweets from #SMMW14.


Mari Smith’s session was packed, and rightfully so. Mari’s session was one of the most informative and rich talks of the conference. Mari fielded tons of tough questions about algorithm changes, Facebook’s declining organic reach, and more. Her talk was so stimulating that this real-time Tweet became the most engaging Tweet of the whole conference. Congratulations, Mari!


Real-time marketing props goes out to Kim Garst on this one. While Kim wasn’t preparing for her session, she must’ve been making appearances at her colleague’s. During Jay Baer’s first session, Kim Garst & co. were able to take this memorable quote, turn it into a graphic, and Tweet it out during Jay’s session. The Tweet spread like wildfire throughout the session and the conference.


Mike Stelzner dropped a ton of Tweet-worthy stats during the conference’s first keynote. While discussing the importance and up-and-coming popularity of Podcasts, an road less traveled for marketers, social media manager, Eric Tung, caught hold of this factoid and Tweeted it at the perfect moment. Way to pay attention, Eric!


Like Eric, Bryan Kramer, CEO of Pure Matter, was able to harness the power of a stat. Mike Stelzner’s opening keynote has a deep focus on the importance of blogging and its unparalleled marketing relevance. When this stat flashed on the screen, the entire room nodded, took note and tuned in. Props to Bryan for picking a great takeaway to Tweet.


This Jay Bear quote, taken from one of my favorite sessions, How to Build a Social Content Marketing Strategy That Works was one of the most infectious of the conference. Following Kim Garst’s, this is another example of a quick turnaround. A simple quote paired with a great graphic, makes for one impressively engaging Tweet… and a response from Jay himself!

Did you see any other great Tweets from #SMMW14? If so, comment and show them some love!

Jade Furubayashi

My name is Jade and I'm the Social Media Manager for Simply Measured. We can find common ground in Beyoncé and Chipotle burrito bowls.

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