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Twitter Announces Broad Match Keyword Targeting for Advertisers

Today, Twitter launched “broad match” for its Promoted Tweets keyword targeting. When Twitter first introduced keyword targeting earlier this year, it radically changed performance of Promoted Tweets for both advertisers and users, enabling brands to serve content in users’ timelines or search results based on topics they’re already Tweeting about and conversations they’re already engaged in. It essentially optimized the relevance of advertising content on the platform, which improved engagement rates from users (at least for us!)

You’re probably familiar with exact and broad match on other ad platforms like AdWords, and it’s really no different on Twitter. Broad match essentially extends that umbrella of keyword targeting to include relevant keywords and phrases that don’t quite match the targeted keyword (exact match). Twitter used this example from its favorite coffee shop:

Twitter broad match for keyword targeting
Of course, if your coffee shop sells lattes but not espressos, you can use the “+” modifier to prevent broadening on broad-matched terms.

Twitter also notes that using broad match won’t increase the frequency of which users see your ads, and users can still dismiss Promoted Tweets they don’t find relevant.

We’re excited to test out the new keyword targeting feature with our own Promoted Tweets campaigns!

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Danie Zaika

Danie is the Senior Marketing Manager, Paid Media, at Simply Measured, where she runs social and display ads, PPC, and other online marketing programs that generate leads for the Sales team. Interests include yoga, reality TV, and parallel parking.

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