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Twitter Certified Products – Everything You Need to Know

TwitterCert2011 was a breakout year for Twitter. Major news stories broke on the platform. Rebecca Black became a household name (and likely ruined your Friday). Consumers saw tweets and #hashtags integrated throughout media, advertising and entertainment outlets.

During the same year Twitter announced they had reached 1 million registered Twitter applications. Coming in all shapes and sizes, finding the right app was like finding a needle in a haystack. It was even more difficult for businesses to find apps to increase efficiency and deliver key insights from the massive amount of Twitter data available.

Launching the Twitter Certified Products Program

To bring order to the chaos, Twitter developed the Certified Product Program with a single goal in mind: make Twitter more valuable for businesses. In late 2012, Twitter launched the program. Simply Measured was a part of the initial 14 Certified Products, and in May 2013 Twitter added 11 more companies to the list.

What Types of Certified Products are there?

Twitter uses 2 badges to distinguish companies. The first and most common is Certified Products, which includes engagement and analytics solutions (including Simply Measured). Twitter also has a small group of Data Resellers with direct access to the firehose – AKA the massive data feed of all public tweets.

Why it is Critical to Work With Certified Products

As a business, working with a Twitter Certified Product ensures several important requirements have been met; including the vendor data is consistent with that of Twitter:

  1. 1. The best of the best – to date Twitter has only certified 34 products out of millions of apps
  2. 2. The vendor meets challenging standards for data accuracy and consistency
  3. 3. Twitter requires vendors have a strong and growing financial position, which means they are more likely to exist tomorrow

Selecting the Right Certified Product

Twitter offers descriptions of each Certified Product in the full directory. Many products (including Simply Measured) will have free trials or demos that you can view to evaluate features. If you advertise on Twitter and have an account manager, they can also help you narrow and select the right Certified Product for your business needs.

Jeff Gibb

I get to work directly with our integrated social networks, data providers & ecosystem partners. Through partnerships & integrations, my job is to make sure our customers have the best possible access to social data.

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