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Twitter Metrics Defined: Engagement

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Twitter Engagement is an important KPI for social media marketers. In an industry that pairs web activity and bottomline ROI with brand awareness and overall market penetration, engagement can be one of the best ways to demonstrate the success of your campaigns in conjunction with your brand’s activity. Too often though, this metric is misunderstood.

What Does Engagement Mean to You?

Engagement on Twitter accounts for every way fans can interact with your brand to make it show up in their timeline. It incorporates one-on-one conversations, as well as promotion to their circle of influence. This interaction is what makes Twitter such a powerful tool. Brands of all sizes have the ability to converse with fans, respond to their questions, and promote their message in real-time.

Twitter Engagement Calculation

The fans that you’re engaging present several opportunities; They can act as advocates for your company, provide feedback on products or services, purchase products, and help you better understand your customers. Understanding how your brand engages fans on Twitter is the first step to learning, developing and growing your Twitter marketing campaigns.

How is Engagement Calculated?

Engagement is the sum total of four components during the given report period:

Twitter Engagement Over Time

@Replies: When a fan sends a Tweet directly by using your brand handle at the beginning of the Tweet. This will only show up in your feed, and the feeds of users who follow you both. Example: “@SimplyMeasured Your Reports Rock!

Retweets: When a fan directly shares your brand message with their audience. Example: “RT @SimplyMeasured: We’ve made some great updates to our Twitter Account Report. Check it out!”

Mentions: When a user includes your brand hand, but not as a direct @Reply. Example: “I really love that @SimplyMeasured charts are dynamic within Excel!”

Likes: When a user clicks the <3 on a post.

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