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Twitter Metrics Defined: Interactions Per Person

Twitter Metrics Defined: Interactions Per Person

There are many ways to measure the impact you’ve had on your Twitter audience. Engagement, clicks, @replies, etc. But some metrics help to sum up your audience health on a whole. “Interactions Per Person” is one of the best at doing that.

What are interactions per person?

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What Do Interactions Per Person Mean to You?

This metric is great for understanding how involved your audience is as a whole. It’s one thing to see a total number of retweets or @replies that you’ve earned through your social campaigns, but understanding how that number stacks up to your audience size can give you a much clearer barometer for success.

Also, this metric is key to identifying the appropriate level of saturation, and gauging whether the amount of content you distribute to your audience is too little or too much. Follow this metric as you test your cadence to determine the highest level of interaction per person before it plateaus and you’re over-messaging. The goal is to find the sweet spot where multiple impressions are making an impact and engaging your audience, without spamming them.

How to Measure Interactions Per Person:

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Interactions Per Person should be measured in context with your other KPIs. In the example above, @delta has earned over 28,000 @replies, retweets, and favorites. Since their engaged audience is almost 19,000 people, this equates to 1.5 interactions per person. Its important to note that this metric isn’t saying each of those 18,750 people engaged 1.5 times but rather giving a snapshot of how that total engagement relates to @delta’s audience size.

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