Twitter Metrics Defined: Response Rate

Twitter Metrics Defined: Response Rate Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

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Response Rate is becoming more and more important to social media teams. On Twitter, we can’t just focus on outbound promotion anymore.

Customers reach out with issues, questions, and requests on a daily basis. It’s our job as social marketers to act as first responders in these situations; answering questions, directing traffic, sometimes just saying no…Whatever your policies and tactics, measuring customer service success boils down to a few specific metrics. Key among them is response rate.


What Does Response Rate Mean to You?

Whether you’re a customer service rep, a community manager, or a marketing manager who handles everything for a smaller company, response rate can help you identify successes and holes in your social strategy.

Maintaining company image can be as simple as keeping your engaged customers happy. This means responding to the highest percentage of inbound mentions and @replies.

How is Your Response Rate Calculated


Response Rate is the number of inbound mentions of your brand handle that you’ve responded to, divided by  the sum total of all brand mentions (excluding retweets). This equation gives you the percentage of inbound tweets that you’ve responded to.

With Simply Measured, this can be calculated using both our Customer Service Report, and our Multiple Handle Customer Service report – designed specifically for brands with a dedicated customer service handle.

View our Full Guide to Twitter Analytics

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