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Twitter Metrics Defined: Response Time

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Response Time is an important way to measure your social activity, both on the brand engagement, and customer service sides of your effort.

Customers reach out to brands constantly. Whether it’s a question, concern, gratitude, etc. that they’re trying to convey, it’s our job to engage with them in a way that shows our company cares. An industry standard for measuring that is Response Time.


What Does Response Time Mean to You?

For many brands I’ve talked to, response time is calculated in different ways. Direct Messages, replies to Tweets that didn’t mention the brand handle – through a hashtag campaign, for example – and a number of other factors come into play.

This can be a frustrating number for many brands, who often don’t staff a Twitter account outside of normal business hours. A few dozen Tweets on a Friday evening that don’t get responded to until Monday can drastically skew the average response time metric you’d like to report on. A recommendation that we’ve seen several Simply Measured users adopt, is to open the Excel version of your Simply Measured Customer Service Report and look at individual Tweets. This allows you to identify and remove outliers, like the Friday evening mentions, to give a more representitive example of your efforts.

How is Your Response Time Calculated

image 4 response time

The simplest way to measure response time is  by subtracting the time of the original inbound Tweet from the time of your response. Take this difference in time from each of your responses and average them for your average response time.

If the numbers don’t add up or represent your effort the way you expected, open the Excel file and identify the responses that are skewing your average. This can help you identify holes in your strategy, ways to optimize your responses, or reinforce what you’re already doing.

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