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Twitter Moments: Blowing Up and Now Available to Every Marketer

A year ago, Twitter launched Moments, and this week they’ve unleashed the feature for all Twitter users. In true Twitter fashion, they announced the update in a Tweet.

The move comes on the heels of a big day for Twitter Moments. With the Presidential Debate, Moments saw its highest spike in Twitter mentions since its birth last October.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 1.13.04 PMInterest in Twitter Moments has been climbing all summer, thanks to the Olympics, VMAs, and other curated events. By opening the service up to all users, Twitter is enabling a new era for Moments. But how will marketers use it?

What Can You Do with Moments?

Twitter moments provide a great opportunity to encourage User Generated Content (UGC) and engagement with live events and specific topics.

Moments allow your brand to create and curate the story you want to tell, using specific Tweets from conversations, hashtag streams, or users. This feature provides several benefits:

  1. Promote engagement by featuring your audience’s content.
  2. Control the message and mitigate spam by curating Tweets and selecting only what you want to be highlighted.
  3. Create a destination for conversation–as opposed to a hashtag–by sharing the moment with your audience.

Opening Twitter Moments to all users could change the way the feature is adopted. As Sami Main put it in an Adweek article:

“Twitter Moments could usher in a new era of hands-on social media. It has the DIY attitude that has already taken over Pinterest and Instagram. Twitter is now presenting a way to customize and show off experiences. It’s the equivalent of showing someone the perfect episode of a TV show that will get them hooked on the whole series. Moments could become a way to introduce people to all of the different ways you can use Twitter. That might just be the saving grace the company needs.”

UGC is an important component of marketing on social. In today’s climate, your audience is just as responsible for perception of your brand as you are. Moments offer a unique way of enabling that audience and steering their message in the right direction.

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