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Twitter’s Analytics Dashboard Is Now Available to All Users

This week, Twitter released it’s Activity Dashboard to all users, allowing any marketer to get a high level snapshot of a few key metrics, regardless of their budget or audience size.

The new activity dashboard, which you can access here, is a sign of Twitter’s commitment to providing social marketers with the tools and metrics they need. The availability of these metrics will fundamentally change the way marketers think about measurement.

What’s Available in the Activity Dashboard?

The update includes the addition of Impressions, Clicks, Engagement Rate, Period over Period comparisons, and several other metrics previously not offered natively for organic tweets.


Screenshot 2014-08-28 10.42.31
Impressions for the previous 30 days are outlined in Twitter’s new Activity Dashboard.

The addition of actual impressions (vs. the “potential impression” metric that has been a standard of digital and traditional marketing) is a useful tool, bringing a more concrete figure to marketers trying to quantify branding activities.


Screenshot 2014-08-28 10.48.49 Screenshot 2014-08-28 10.49.16
The engagement metric has been expanded to include any action taken with a Tweet. Clicks on your @handle, expanded Tweets, link clicks, etc. This is important to understand. As we outlined a few weeks ago, the previous assumption was that Tweets containing Instagram links didn’t perform as well as some other content types, but with the added understanding from Twitter’s new data, we’re able to see the actual impact those Tweets have.

Follower Demographics

Screenshot 2014-08-28 10.55.08
Twitter’s Activity Dashboard includes the public demographic data on your followers.

In addition to more substantial metrics available, the activity dashboard also includes a breakdown of your followers, including interests, location, and gender. This can lead to a stronger understanding of the tactics you should be using on the network.

How Can You Use This Data?

Twitter’s Activity Dashboard gives users analytics from the previous 30 days, available in their web viewer and as a .CSV export.

Though the metrics aren’t currently available through the API, Simply Measured worked together with the team at Twitter to enable the inclusion of these new metrics in our Twitter Account Report. Here’s how it works:

  • Within the Simply Measured dashboard, run the Twitter Account Report for your desired reporting period. After it’s finished generating, download the report into Excel.
  • Export the data (up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets) from the native Twitter activity dashboard into a .csv. Copy all of the data within the main sheet.
  • Navigate back to the .xls of your Twitter Account Report and paste the data into the “Twitter Analytics Data” tab.

That’s it! The new data will automatically override several areas within the report, giving you the most accurate snapshot of your Twitter performance on the market.

To learn more about how to measure and understand Twitter, download our free Guide to Twitter Analytics today.

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