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Twitter’s Custom Timelines: 3 Tips For Social Media Marketers

This week, Twitter announced a new feature that allows users to curate content in a whole new and more sophisticated way. Custom Timelines are available in Twitter’s popular TweetDeck client, and makes content organization easier, both as a consumer and as a producer.

There are several reasons I love this: 

A. As a fan of funny tweets, I’m looking forward to all of the Comedy custom timelines that I can waste time looking through.

B. As a news junkie, I’m excited for the curated news timelines from sources I trust.

C. As a content marketer, I’m excited for the impact this will have on our Community Manager’s ability to customize promotion.

So as a marketer, how CAN you use custom timelines to reach your audience in unique ways. Here are a few initial tips.

3 Ways to Use Custom Timelines

1. Campaign Promotion:

By creating a custom timeline for a particular campaign, you’re able to control the narrative, adding the branded messaging that you want exposed, and sharing the customer Tweets that help validate your thought leadership and product offering. This timeline also gives you yet another piece of “content” to share with your audience, both on Twitter and off.

Best Practice: One of the best usability features of custom timelines is that they’re embeddable in their entirety. When creating a custom timeline for a campaign, you can embed the entire thing on your campaign landing page or blog post.



2. Curate By Content Type:

On the Simply Measured blog, we share both social media news, studies of top brand activity, and educational content. Custom Timelines give marketers the ability to organize this content for readers who may only be interested in one component or another.

Best Practice: Analyze the content that performs best with your audience. Which Tweets are they most interested in? Which blog posts do they share? Create custom timelines for the different segments of your audience by analyzing the types of content you’re already sharing.

 Screenshot 2013-11-14 10.13.58

3. Share Content From Your Favorite Followers:

Your audience can be your biggest asset, as well as your smartest. Using a custom timeline, you can curate and share the content that they’re sharing, building the foundation for a community of thought leadership and collaboration.

Best Practice: Reward customers who share your content by returning the favor. This will only increase your exposure, but also theirs. Find out who’s had the biggest impact for your brand, and double down by adding them to your custom timeline, and promoting that list.

Screenshot 2013-11-14 10.26.38

As use of these custom timelines continues, we’ll keep watch on how top brand marketers are using it, and share our findings with you as well. To find out how Simply Measured’s Twitter and Web reports can help you plan your own custom timelines, request an invite to a free trial:

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Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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