Using Data to Develop a Social Strategy

Using Data to Develop a Social Strategy Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

Last week at the SMX Social Media Marketing Expo in Las Vegas, our CPO Aviel Ginzburg presented on a panel about creating a social media calendar.

His presentation focused on the differences between predictive analytics and reporting, and the thought process we use to develop social media programs at Simply Measured. Our social campaigns tie in closely with our other marketing initiatives, and we use data for all of our decision making.

From Twitter to Facebook, and everything in between, Aviel broke down the different ways you can use data to make social scheduling decisions. He had some great feedback and followup questions.

Take a look at the full deck from his presentation here, and if you’d like to see how Simply Measured’s social media analytics software can help you create a thoughtful, data-centric social media calendar, request a free trial below:

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