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Vines Sprout Throughout The Grammys, Fashion Week and Even a Snowstorm

Look out Instagram, there’s a new kid on the mobile block.

Vine, the new iOnly video-snippit app may not be anywhere near Instagram’s 90 Million users, but Vines are already weaving their way into the social scene, 6 seconds at a time.

We tracked Vine clips being shared on Twitter over the last 48 hours. Between The Grammys, New York Fashion Week, Carnival and the East Coast snowstorm, there was quite a bit of activity on the young video sharing app.

money chart

Over 113,897 Vine links were tweeted this weekend. That’s an average of 2,324 Vines per hour. Not bad for an app launched less than three weeks ago.

Some big names in entertainment got involved as well. When you factor in the followers associated with “Vinefluencers” (can we trademark that term?) like Ryan Seacrest, Steve Aoki and MTV,  this works out to 491,481,488 potential impressions in the last 48 hours.

Vine Tweets over the last 48 Hours:

potential impressions v2

People Magazine helped the top two impression peaks with Vine clips from The Grammys Sunday night, driving over 50 million potential impressions with the two posts. Ivete Sangalo, a Brazilian singer, actress and television host with over 7.6 million Twitter followers, drove the third peak with a Vine from Carnival. Over 1000 Vines have been posted from Brazil over the weekend.


top users v2

While the most frequent vine posters aren’t necessarily celebrity influencers, it’s impressive to see how many big names are having some fun with the app. Seacrest and Sangalo are the users with the largest following, but MTV, Victoria Beckham and  Tony Hawk all join the ranks as well. When looking at the top Klout scores of Vine users, it’s interesting to note how many pro sports franchises are getting involved and using the app. The New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Cleveland Indians, Arsenal FC and Southhampton FC are all sharing content with the video sharing app. It’ll be interesting to see how these teams continue to incorporate Vine throughout their seasons.


Top Keywords 2

While the Grammys, New York Fashion Week and Vine’s default #FirstPost hashtags saw a lot of volume, Jared Leto and the 30 Seconds to Mars fans made #MarsIsComing the most popular hashtag used in Vine Tweets as they did the internet equivalent of screaming”WOOOOOOOO!” about the band’s upcoming music video.

Where Vines Grow:

chart metro area v2

New York is far and away the most popular place for Vines to be posted. This may level out, as some of the traffic was caused by New York Fashion Week and the snowstorm.

Most Engaging Vines:

Of all the Vines posted, these were the most Vinegaging (okay now I might be taking the wordplay too far).

Steve Angelo’s Mexico City Concert Crowd Shot: 1,660 Retweets.

 Steve Aoki Dancing to Bruno Mars, Sting, two Marleys and a Rihanna at The Grammys: 909 Retweets.

Jared Leto’s bird Winston geeking out about his new music video: 591 Retweets.

Jared Leto playing with a hair dryer:

Union J’s fans showing some love: 481 Retweets.

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