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Want More Creative Social Campaigns? Here’s How.

Today we hosted a webinar with Christine Gritmon, Inc: Creativity Boot Camp: Boost Your Social Campaigns. In this webinar, our very own Head of Marketing Communications, Lucy Hitz, was joined by Christine Gritmon, a seasoned social media guru, as they shared specific tips and tools that social marketers can use to build more creative social campaigns.

Lucy and Christine began by walking us through the three phases of the creative process: Brainstorming, Building, and Analyzing.

The brainstorming process focused on resources marketers can use to get their creativity flowing and gain some traction on new ideas for social content. From social listening solutions, to webinars, to newsletters and forums, Lucy and Christine listed multiple places to go as starting points in planning out a social marketing strategy.

The Creative Process

The heartiest, meatiest section of the webinar was during the building phase, when Lucy and Christine provided 10 essential tips for marketers to build out more creative social campaigns. Here are my top five tips from today’s webinar.

#1 – Utilize Influencers

Influencers can be great resources for marketers running into creative roadblocks – primarily because they are already master content creators. They have engaged audiences that eagerly wait for their favorite voices on social media to share new content. Lucy mentioned how brand engagement increases an average of 28% when users are exposed to a combination of user-created content (from influencers) and professional content (from the brand itself), according to a study from comScore.

Utilize Influencers#2 – Listen to Your Audience

In the webinar, Lucy and Christine mentioned multiple times how important social listening was as a general best practice. Social listening is an effective way to boost creativity during those creative dry spells. Listening to your audience on social provides insight into their interests, their needs, their challenges, and everything in between. From these conversations, you’ll be able to cater your content to what your audience is already talking about.

Listen to Your Audience

#3 – Track Your Content

Before developing new content for your social profiles, first learn how your current content performs on social by considering your most engaged social platforms. Using a social analytics solution, you can track the journey of your social content and identify which platforms are your best performers, specific to the type of content you share. Lucy shared an example using Simply Measured Content Share Tracking to showcase how tracking content appropriately can help you identify where content is being shared most often (including dark social), and how that content impacts business value.

Track Your Content

#4 – Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Christine urged social marketers to create posts that highlight the beautiful in the mundane. We often find beauty in things that sometimes seem rather uninteresting – whether it’s paper scraps on a table or a still-image of a welder doing his or her work. You most likely walk through your business every day without noticing things around you that have become routine, normal. Break the normalcy and try looking at things with a new perspective.

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

#5 – Play Around with New Formats

Part of what makes social platforms so interesting to users are the fun filters and tools. When businesses use these tools in their own posts and images, it makes the content more relatable to the audience, which often uses those tools in their own profiles. These tools don’t only add authenticity to your brand, but also add character.

Instagram Boomerang


For the full list of tips, please view the recording of our webinar below, or scroll through the slides from our webinar. If you have any more creative ideas, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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Bryan Blackburn

Bryan is the Content Marketing Manager at Simply Measured. He spoils his dog, is a fitness fanatic, and loves research and writing.

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