WEBINAR: Gut Check Your Social Media Performance

WEBINAR: Gut Check Your Social Media Performance

Today, Colin Zalewski, Product Marketing Manager for Simply Measured, and Get Schooled‘s Director of Digital Engagement and Communications presented a webinar with tips, tricks, and examples of how regular measurement “gut checks” can improve social marketing performance.

One of the things that impressed me most about Get Schooled’s strategy is the way they partner with their audience, both in tone and in actual content. David shared some great examples that can be applied to any business, and as always, Colin brought the thunder with measurement frameworks. In fact, the “Peacock Diagram” he shared may be my new favorite thing.

Check out the full video and slide deck below, and make sure to join us for the rest of our “Gut Check” series by registering here.



If you’re interested in learning even more about how to gut check your own social performance, check out the guide below, which offers some amazing tips for gut-checking your own social media programs and campaigns.

Get everything you need to analyze the metrics that matter

The Social Marketer’s Gut Check Guide


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