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[Webinar Highlights] How to Make Full-Funnel Impact with Social Media

Today we hosted a webinar with Socedo: How to Make Full-Funnel Impact with Social Media. This webinar focused on the ability of social media to touch the entire sales funnel—as long as you are strategic about social intent data and guiding customers through appropriately.

Lucy Hitz, Head of Marketing and Communications at Simply Measured
Lucy Hitz
Head of MarComm, Simply Measured
Aseem Badshah, CEO and Founder of Socedo
Aseem Badshah
CEO & Founder, Socedo

Our very own Lucy Hitz, Head of Marketing and Communications, was joined by CEO and Founder of Socedo, Aseem Badshah. They shared insight on social listening and the challenge of using social media to create big business impact.

Lucy and Aseem explained how we can increase brand awareness, improve lead gen and nurturing, and accelerate sales by listening intently to the conversations already happening on social channels.

Here are my three big takeaways from the webinar. You can use these to inform your own social media strategy if you’re interested in more audience insight, more qualified leads, and higher conversion rates.

  1. Listening is Vital to Social Success

Take a look at the type of content people are sharing on private channels. These dark social channels, like email, text messages, and Facebook Messenger, often reveal the big interests of users and what they’re most excited about, especially as it relates to your brand. You can discover trending topics, identify complementary brands and potential partners, and understand how your competitors are performing on social media.

Case Uses for Social Listening


2. Pivot Your Thinking and Align Your Content

Lucy and Aseem encouraged marketers to pivot their thinking away from getting the highest number of clicks or shares and instead shift focus to what we can learn about our audience from the level of engagement with various types of content. The data gained from actively listening to social can inform a more strategic content marketing plan, so that you can produce content your audience craves and that is easily shareable on your favorite social platforms.

Align Your Content


3. Influencers Matter

Influencer marketing is a top-of-mind topic right now for marketers, and influencer programs are quickly being integrated into marketing strategies. Social listening can pinpoint your ideal influencers so you can extend reach, share messages, and engage niche communities that historically have been difficult for you to reach on your own.

Identify Your Influencers

Below is the full recording of today’s webinar, along with a downloadable slide deck of the presentation. If you attended the webinar and had questions that we weren’t able to get to, please ask them in the comments section and either Lucy or Aseem will be happy to answer.

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Introduction to Full-Funnel Social Analytics


Bryan Blackburn

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