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What Full-Funnel Social Analytics Actually Means

You want to generate awareness of your brand and/or product, but you ultimately want to bring dollars into your business. You want to build an engaged community on social, but you want to get those click-throughs, too. Because you want to get better at many things, you don’t want to measure just one element of your social media activity. And you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. But today you’re in luck.

Simply Measured now offers full-funnel analytics, so you can finally measure everything from conversation to conversion. So, what does that actually mean?

Let’s break it down. 

Listen to Conversation

ListeningEver wonder what your audience is saying about your brand or which new demographics you should be targeting? With Simply Measured Listening, you can monitor topics of interest to:

  • Identify influencers. And increase brand awareness.
  • Understand your target audience. What they’re saying, and where they’re saying it. 
  • Align your content with audience interests. So your messaging is always on-point.
  • Measure the success of your campaigns. Both by volume and sentiment. 
  • Tap into emerging topics of conversation. For help planning future content. 

Analyze Social Performance

DashboardsNever fear not having answers to those social performance questions again. With Simply Measured Social Analytics, discover insights to plan and execute your social strategy, then benchmark your performance against competitors and across channels. We give you the power to access your data any way you need:

  • Dashboards: Slice and dice your data in our interactive dashboards to understand content type performance, campaign success, or benchmark against a competitor.
  • Reports: Keep your stakeholders looped in on your success with reports. Create effective and efficient reports for your stakeholders and automate their delivery to your inbox or theirs.
  • API: Social data shouldn’t live in a silo. Bring Social alongside the rest of your marketing and business data with our API to show the value of your social campaigns in the context of business goals.  

Track Content Sharing

Content ShareWhile engagement on your social posts is a good sign of brand health, what you really want to know is how your content is increasing awareness and leading your audience one step closer to becoming your customer.

With Simply Measured Content Share Tracking you can:

  • Understand which content resonates with your audience. See which URLs your audience shares on social, both publicly and privately via text, email, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Identify which content from social is most effective in getting people to your site. Based on page views, time-on-site, bounce rate, and more.

Measure Social Conversions

ConversionDriving full-funnel impact from social and content marketing means tracking your social content all the way to the point of conversion. Simply Measured Conversion Tracking tells you:

  • Which content your audience is consuming most
  • If that content is causing conversions 

Whether it be on-site purchases or form fills, you will be able to track any action on your website, measure the business value or revenue it brought to you, and tie it back to specific social posts and shares.

Ready to learn more? Download our Introduction to Full-Funnel Social Analytics below, or scroll down to request a demo.

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Introduction to Full-Funnel Social Analytics


Maricel Paz

I'm a Product Marketing Manager here at Simply Measured, where I work to ensure our products meet our customers' needs. I'm passionate about well-designed products, pinot noir, and Bravo TV

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