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What Instagram’s 300 Million Users and Network Updates Mean to Your Brand

InstaCompetitor_blogToday, Instagram announced that there are now 300 million users on their network, sharing 70 million photos and videos daily.

This announcement comes on the heels of our Q3 Instagram Study, which revealed that Instagram engagement per post has gone up 416% in just two years among the top brands in the world.

This is clear proof of the juicy return that brands can expect when they stay active on the network.

icon-stats-figures54% of Instagram posts by top brands are published between 9AM and 5PM Pacific Time (or 60% between 9 and 5 Eastern).

Today’s announcement also heralded Instagram’s adoption of verified badges for celebrities, athletes, and brands, in an effort to cut down on spam accounts and ensure brand integrity on the network.

That’s good news for brands who have handles that aren’t their exact brand names or who are frequent targets of brand impersonators. It’s a new way that Instagram is making the network more accommodating and safe for brands.

icon-stats-figures86% of the top brands in the world are active on Instagram.

Instagram’s also been courting brands in recent months with forays into sponsored posts and the addition of a People tab to the Explore page which highlights interesting accounts to follow for easier brand discovery.

Instagram’s growth into what it refers to as a “global community” — 70% of its users come from outside the U.S. — has happened incredibly quickly. In March 2014, Instagram had 200 million users. That means it grew by 100 million users in just nine months.

Want to Learn About How Top Brands Are Working Their Magic on Instagram Right Now? 

Our Q3 2014 Instagram Study analyzes the activity behind thousands of posts and hundreds of millions of Likes and comments to find the most successful brands, tactics, and content types.

This study uncovers findings around:

  • Hashtags
  • @Mentions
  • Photos vs. videos
  • Location tagging
  • Posting frequency

Here’s a teaser. The full study is available to download for free by clicking the button in the graphic below. See how your brand stacks up to the best in the world!

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