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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a subset of digital marketing in which a brand partners with a popular social and web personality to expand the brand’s reach and credibility with a targeted audience. The partnership between the brand and the influencer may include monetary compensation. Alternatively, compensation may take the form of free product or the cache of being associated with a major brand.

Why You Should Consider It

Here are some reasons to build out your own influencer marketing program.

  • A recent study found that Twitter users now trust influencers as much as they trust their friends. By inserting your brand gracefully into the relationship between the influencer and the audience, you can acquire more brand loyalty and attention in an increasingly noisy digital space.
  • 47 percent of online customers use ad block technology. This means that, as much as social platforms are play-to-play, ads aren’t the only way to reach your audience in a way that actually motivates them to learn more about you and/or make a purchase. You need to provide the content they want from the people they trust.
  • Influencers aren’t just celebrities. As Ron Schott, Senior Communications Manager at Microsoft, put it here, “It’s a question of mass reach versus mass impact. Influencers carry weight in subjects. Celebs bring exposure.”
  • There are several ways you can determine the conversion rate and measure the ROI of your influencer marketing campaign. You can invest in state-of-the-art software that does the measurement for you, and you can create custom URLs and custom promo codes for each influencer. More on that here.
Simply Measured’s Conversion Tracking solution can help you understand the value of your individual influencers and influencer campaigns.

Examples of Solid B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Ambassadors x IBM: IBM uses Instagram content from ambassadors like @pmljy to spread the brand love and build awareness with a younger audience of tech workers.

  • Swag x Hubspot: Hubspot sent this baby onesie to an influential customer (customers can be influencers, too!), the customer tweeted about it, and Hubspot retweeted it. This would be a great campaign to re-enact with your own brand on a broader level to increase awareness.

  • Moz CEO x UnBounce: UnBounce uses a thought leadership resource, Moz CEO Rand Fishkin, to create a video that it can use across various platforms, and which Rand can also push out on his personal social accounts.

Examples of Solid B2C Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • GetFitBrooklyn x PowerBar: On the Web side, this digital campaign focuses around celebrity swimmer Ryan Lochte, but uses Instagram influencers like GetFitBrooklyn to promote and direct traffic to the campaign website.

  • Alyson Charles x Sasha Nelson x Doing Living Group x W Hotels: This personality, yoga teacher, agency, and hotel teamed up for an influencer-full event that all parties publicized on their respective social channels.

Building an event strategy and plan that heavily leverages your influencers on social is a solid way to move forward in 2017.

  • Engaged Followers x Danielle LaPorte: Creator of The #Desire Map and #Truthbombs and author of The Fire Starter Sessions Danielle LaPorte regularly shares the influencer content that her followers have posted on social. This is a great example of shining a grateful light on your followers to encourage future sharing, leading with inspirational content to generate engagement, and attracting and disseminating organic influencer content from those who believe in your brand already. Now all you have to do is go find them.

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