What Is Social Analytics and Why Is It Important?

What Is Social Analytics and Why Is It Important? Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

This morning, I read an article on MarketingProfs about the difference between “metrics” and “analytics” when it comes to marketing. In the article, Laura Patterson pointed out how many marketers use the two terms interchangeably, and why this is wrong.

Though metrics and analytics go hand in hand, and both are used by best-in-class (BIC) marketers to prove and improve the value of marketing, they are not the same. – Laura Patterson, President and Founder of VisionEdge Marketing

Patterson went on to explain that “metrics” are standards of measurement, while “analytics” is the process of collecting those metrics and applying statistics and mathematics in an effort to see the patterns in the data. Identifying patterns is at the core of the analytics.

In the social marketing space, analytics are just as critical as they are in other digital marketing channels, but many social marketers lack the understanding necessary to conduct the process effectively. In an effort to ease this pain, we’ve developed the social analytics framework that we lovingly refer to as “the bowtie” around the Simply Measured office.
Social Analytics FrameworkBelow is a tour of this end-to-end model, and a link to our What Is Social Analytics? complete best-practices guide. Enjoy!

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