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What Is Social Attribution?

Social Attribution is the process of assigning credit for business outcomes to social marketing channels and campaigns.


Why It Matters to Social, Digital, and Web Marketers

How does social play a role in my consumer’s path to conversion?

By implementing a social attribution solution, you will be able to answer this question with revenue numbers–then optimize accordingly and continuously. You can:

Social Attribution ReasonsThe most exciting thing about adding social attribution to your organization’s other attribution solutions–web, email, ads–is what it will enable optimization toward business outcomes, not just social engagement. That means social goals and plans that are better aligned with digital goals and plans. 

What You Can Do About It

If you’re thinking about moving forward with a social attribution solution, you should be asking these questions of yourself and other members of your organization:

Defining conversions and value

    • Which conversions matter to your business?
    • Which attribution model and method is right for you?
    • Which financial values should you be placing on the conversions you care about?

Learning about your audience

  • Do you have various audiences or one target audience?
  • Which content appeals to your audience/audiences?
  • What does the customer journey look like for your business?

Understanding the greater landscape

  • Do you understand all customer touchpoints, beyond social (i.e. web, display, email)?
  • How can you relay the value of social attribution to the rest of your marketing organization?

If you’d like to give Simply Measured’s Social Attribution solution a whirl (it includes one-of-a-kind Dark Social attribution!), submit a personalized demo request by clicking below.

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