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What “Memories” Really Means for Snapchat and Marketers

Snapchat changed the game yesterday. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter are competing in the real-time sharing race, Snapchat’s newest feature, “Memories,” is turning the attention toward sharing the past. “Memories” is a new way for users to save and share old snaps in a private collection inside the main app.

Memories is a seismic shift for Snapchat. What can users expect to see change in the coming weeks? Check out this breakdown of everything you can do in Memories.

Snap Now, Share Later

Because of its real-time nature, Snapchat has always felt more organic than other networks. However, there has always been frustration with the inability to share a moment via Snapchat after the moment has passed.

Source: TechCrunch

Now, Snapchatters can capture a moment, save it to Memories, and share it later. The Snap will then appear with a white border and a timestamp to indicate that it is a snapped memory. Users will also be able to edit together old Snaps and then add them to their Story.

A New (and Cooler) In-App Camera Roll

Source: TechCrunch

Most marketers will flock to compare Snapchat to its social media competitors like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, Casey Newton of The Verge writes:

“Memories’ real competition is the default place for saving photos: your smartphone’s camera roll. Memories was designed to make organizing, editing, and sharing photos and videos faster and more fun than the standard camera roll.”

You can add filters, geo-filters and timestamps, giving your photos new life. Will we begin to see Snapchat take over as the default place to store your photos?

 “My Eyes Only” Keeps Snapchat Cool

Source: My iMessage, regretfully

I recently read a report that 14% of U.S. smartphone users aged 35 and up use Snapchat, up from 2% 3 years ago. As Snapchat transitions away from being an “emerging platform,” it has begun to attract an older audience. This photo of my mother and brother pretty much sums up Snapchat’s changing user demographic.

However, as Snapchat ascends to more universal adoption, they’re clearly determined to maintain the “cool factor” that has fueled its explosive growth.



While Memories seems like a step back in the real-time excitement that has propelled so much of Snapchat’s success, Snapchat’s update is maintaining some of its mystique by introducing the “My Eyes Only” section.

Source: TechCrunch

In the case of some pics that might not be PC with your grandparents, “My Eyes Only” is a new section of the app that can be password protected. You have to type in a PIN to access these potentially explicit or incriminating Snaps, and if you forget the PIN… sayonara, Snaps!

From Your Phone’s Camera Roll to Snapchat’s

For marketers, this is Snapchat’s most game-changing feature to date. Now, people can access photos and videos saved to their phones’ camera rolls via Memories and, for the first time ever, post that pre-recorded content.

Source: TechCrunch

Previously, only media edited in Snapchat were able to be posted to Stories, but now marketers can create content in Photoshop, FinalCut, etc., to be uploaded to their brand’s Story at any given moment. Tim Peterson of Marketing Land taps into the game-changing potential of this feature for marketers:

Brands will be able to take photos and videos that they had created for use elsewhere — be it print magazines, billboards, YouTube or TV — and syndicate them on Snapchat… Publishers will be able to cut down their Facebook videos into 10-second clips repackaged as a serialized Story.

In our recent State of Social Marketing Report, we analyzed Snapchat’s growth over the past year, as well as its comparison to other social media channels. With already impressive YoY growth and MAU adoption despite its relatively young age, I think it’s safe to say that Memories will only propel the channel even further forward.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.06.15 PM

That being said, Snapchat’s Memories update is the biggest change the network has seen. How will its audience react? How will brands capitalize? Tell us what you think about this update in the comments below!

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