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What Real Estate Can Teach Us About Social Media in 2016

Real estate in 2016 is a tricky game. Even the last three years of economic recovery and job growth haven’t stimulated millennials to buy homes, according to a recent report, making it even more vital for real estate companies to innovatively engage potential customers and stay strategically nimble.

Real estate can feel like a minefield — the wrong decision as either a buyer or seller can cost you a significant amount of time and money — but this high-stakes quality is also what makes this industry such a great place to learn social marketing strategy lessons.

Know the Neighborhood

Too often, buyers run the risk of purchasing or renting properties without understanding the full lay of the land. I can personally attest to this: When I rented my last apartment above a Domino’s Pizza, I didn’t really think about how the location would affect me. It ended in a lot of late night guilty treat trips and about five pounds gained in cheesy bread.

In the social media ecosphere, it’s necessary to understand your place, where you fit, and who the cool kids are on the block. Most importantly, make friends! Reach out to others and start forming relationships.


Identify who the social influencers are in your industry. Social influencers are becoming more relevant, and it’s beneficial to have others who will vouch for your brand and social media messaging.

2015 Instagram Influencer Report

And, whatever you do, just don’t be that person who’s posting flyers all over the block (we’re looking at you, social spammers).

Don’t Get Too Emotional

Real estate agents know that when a sale or deal doesn’t work out, they can’t get too upset about it or let it have a negative impact on their business. Similarly, don’t let yourself get too down from a campaign that didn’t go viral or a post that just didn’t hit the mark.

Pinterest Channel Report
This chart comes from the Simply Measured Pinterest Channel Report, and shows how one brand’s pins waxed and waned in terms of engagement over the course of a campaign.

Learn from it, identify what can be improved, and grow.

Pictures and Video Are Crucial

The best way to sell someone something is to actually show them the product and how it’s used. Sounds easy, right? You wouldn’t buy a house without seeing what the inside of it looked like, nor would you really consider something a company is trying to sell you on Twitter without seeing a great picture or video of it.

When people take in information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. By pairing it with an image, however, 65% of the information is retained.

RealtyONEGroup Facebook Video Post

Make sure you’re using relevant and eye-catching visuals with your content. Videos are especially getting more traction from Facebook and Twitter in their algorithm. Videos average 62% more engagement than photos.  

Your brand should be using relevant videos in the social media mix to help convey the message. Download Simply Measured’s Social Video Cheat Sheets below for information on how to seamlessly incorporate videos into your own strategy.


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Social Video Cheat Sheets


Kylie Ladd

Kylie Ladd is the Social Media Manager at RealtyONEGroup where she works to celebrate the “coolture” and highlight all the awesome things being done at Realty ONE Group! RealtyONEGroup is a full-service residential real estate brand designed with a "you first" focus.

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