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What the New Simply Measured Means for Social Marketers

When I was first hired at Simply Measured three years ago, I started off as the Community Manager. In our marketing team, I always felt a little out of place. All of my peers would be talking in business metrics, and I would be chronicling our success in a completely different language: Engagement, Reach, Impressions.

How to Increase Social Conversions

I knew I was driving brand awareness, but what other value was organic social driving? These metrics weren’t available to me, and that put me on the outskirts of my own marketing team, looking in.

So, when I was told that we were building a product that could finally solve this problem for marketers, I was overjoyed. By introducing completely new data that social marketers have been longing to tap into, which ties social activity from owned, earned, and dark social to actual dollar signs…

Social-Attribution-1 (2)
This is a dashboard from our new Social Attribution solution.

…and addressing the industry-wide need for greater agility and flexibility in reporting and insights, the new Simply Measured has resolved the pain points that have plagued me and other social marketers for years.

Social Analysis Monitoring 1 (1)
This is a dashboard from our freshly revamped Social Analysis & Monitoring solution.

Now, that’s just my story. One girl’s view. What does this product release mean for social pioneers and practitioners all over the map? We asked a few.

Finally Tying Social Engagement to Business Value and Revenue

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Social media was previously a broken chain. We would execute activities and infer results. Gone are THOSE wild and wooly days!

In Simply Measured's Social Attribution solution, you can find out which social channels bring in the most revenue for your brand, and which campaigns are directly influencing the bottom line.
In Simply Measured’s Social Attribution solution, you can find out which social channels bring in the most goal completions and revenue for your brand–including dark social.

We are thrilled to have finally bridged the gap between activity and business results.

Introducing a Whole New World of Social Marketing

No longer are social marketers limited to optimizing for engagement, traffic, or impressions. Now, social marketers can optimize for dollar signs.

Sure, you’re driving impressions…but what are they worth to your business?

We’re thrilled to unlock this new world for social marketers, and excited to see what you all do with it.

Helping Marketers Breakthrough to the C-Level

JLafferty_TwtFor so long, social marketers have been stifled by their inability to prove causation, instead of correlation. We haven’t seen many social marketers rise to be VPs or CMOs. But now we have the data to put social on the map with other channels like paid, direct, and email.

Put Social Analysis in Hyperdrive


Social media moves fast; so should your data. By converting the reporting you know and love to a web-based Social Analysis & Monitoring platform, you’ll receive the same depth of data–just faster and more flexible.

Welcome to the refreshed Social Analysis & Monitoring solution--free upgrade for current customers!
Welcome to the refreshed Social Analysis & Monitoring solution–free upgrade for current customers!

Next time your CEO asks for a quick social stat, you don’t have to wait for a report to generate. Simple, fast, easy.

What else are people saying about our new product? Check out this gallery to get a glimpse!

Want a free, personalized demo of Social Analysis & Monitoring and/or Social Attribution? Go here. And download our How to Increase Social Conversions guide below for some ideas about how to use the new product to better your brand.

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How to Increase Social Conversions


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