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What Your Brand Can Learn from Casper’s Instagram Account

Becoming one of the most innovative companies in the world, barely three years post-launch, is no small feat. Ranking second on this list, right after Amazon, is an even bigger feat. casper mattress, instagram, social analyticsCasper, the mattress-in-a-box company, did it by delivering small, shippable boxes with mattresses directly to consumers, disrupting the mattress industry paradigm.

As a start-up in the long-sales-cycle mattress industry, Casper put social at the heart of their marketing activities right from the jump, fostering awareness and driving referrals. This strategy has paid off well.  

Getting customers engaged with the brand drove Casper’s initial success. Casper has nailed it with their fun and creative content and quick responses on Twitter, which also helped them win the Shorty awards in 2015.  casper mattress, instagram, social analyticsHere, we take a look at Casper’s Instagram strategy to understand how it reaches out to its target market on this key platform. Casper’s presence on Instagram is fairly new (given that they launched only in April 2014), but the brand has built a substantial audience of over 63.3K.

Here are five lessons that Casper taught me. Incorporate these tactics in your own Instagram plan, and, as ever, measure your results.

1. Post Frequently and Choose a Relevant Theme 

Between Feb 20th and March 20th, Casper has talked about Sleep in 83% of their Instagram posts–not surprising, since the company’s entire business is modeled around this activity.

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Casper posts a mix of photos and videos almost every day (0.8 posts per day in this data period), but it’s not posting for posting’s sake. There is strategy here. Frequent posts and engaging content about different aspects of sleep help Casper drive home the point that they are indispensable when it comes to a good night’s sleep. You can’t put it more plainly than Casper’s COO put it: “Casper is a brand that’s focused on helping people sleep better.”

For the same reason, Casper also launched Van Winkle’s, one of the first independent publications to write full‑time about sleep, and educate people about the importance of sleep.casper mattress, instagram, social analyticsWhat can your brand do? Find the purpose of your brand and the problem it solves for users. Then build your Instagram content strategy around that information. That’s called an informed decision. Use social listening to understand what problem your consumers and audience think you solve for them–not what you assume you solve.

Posting compelling content about your chosen themes frequently helps establish strong brand recognition with your audience, which can help build your brand’s narrative (and customer base) in the long run.

2. Combine Online and Offline Marketing

Casper is an online-only mattress company, unlike most of the other mattress companies, which have stores where people can go try and feel the mattresses before they purchase.

However, that does not stop Casper from reaching out to connect with people in real life. The most engaging post in the data period for the brand involved their collaboration with One:Night, the travel app, transforming the historic Austin Motel into an interactive travel experience between March 10th-14th, during SXSW, when finding a place to stay in Austin can be a total nightmare.

Posting about the event on Instagram and routing people to the booking site created awareness about the event and gave Casper’s audience an opportunity to experience the brand’s products first-hand.

What can your brand do? Whether your brand exists online, offline, or both, it is important to get in front of your audience as much as possible, in order to drive meaningful interactions with your customers and build a trustworthy and memorable brand. Creating and maintaining a presence at events such as SXSW can help showcase your product, which, in turn, helps drive brand visibility as it did for Twitter in 2007 and many others since.

3. Marketing with Other Brands

The link-in-bio for the One:Night & Casper post below directed Casper’s followers to details about the event, which also included a chauffeur-driven Tesla. This was a very strategic move by the brand, partnering with innovative brands like Tesla, FoST, and One:Night. This partnership portrayed Casper as a company that values innovation, and helped the brand reach a high-income, niche target audience that matches their own (and is likely to buy).casper mattress, instagram, social analyticsWhat can your brand do? Find other brands with which you would like to associate, whose brand values align with yours. Social listening can help you gather consumer insights about your audience, so that you are more exposed to their lifestyle habits and preferences. This process can help narrow down on verticals and specific brands your brand can potentially collaborate with.

Collaborate with these partners to reach a wider audience and gain greater visibility with that audience. This will help strengthen your brand’s credibility and strengthen your position in your market.

4. Develop Authentic Brand Voice

Every one can use a little more sleep. As mentioned above, the brand has built its entire content strategy on this essential activity. The brand’s humorous yet authentic voice resonates with the audience.

Casper’s second most engaging post in the data period is about hitting that snooze button on our alarm clocks. I don’t know anyone who does not want to do that every single day.

What a beautiful day to sleep through your alarm again.

A post shared by Casper (@casper) on

What can your brand do? Lead with empathy and originality. Develop a brand voice that is as unique, recognizable, and relatable to your audience as a person’s voice. Monitor your social posts to identify the content that resonates most with your audience, and study them over time.

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Figure out the key similarities in those top posts. Were they quirky? Action-oriented? Featuring a certain size ratio or influencer? This will help you better connect with your audience and can even help you inform your own voice.

Finding your brand voice and keeping it consistent and human helps your audience relate and identify you without getting lost in the deluge of other information they are hit with every day.

5. Generate Content Beyond Product Images 

Most brands use Instagram to post pictures of their products and related lifestyle. While Casper does that quite well, they also go a level beyond to tell stories with really strong illustrations, using the platform’s new multi-images feature.

Scroll through the post below to check out Casper’s post celebrating women on International Women’s Day

A post shared by Casper (@casper) on

The brand takes their creativity a notch higher by launching a Virtual Reality app for sleeping. The entire integrated marketing for the app across social channels is a great awareness-building move. Such immersive and interactive marketing tactics can help create a very strong recall among the audience and keep the brand top-of-mind.

What can your brand do? Think beyond the obvious and use Instagram’s new platform features like Instagram Stories and multi-image “carousel” posts to creatively build a memorable experience for your audience.

Your audience cares enough about your brand to follow it. It is imperative to stay on top of new developments and ensure that your audience gets the best content possible, which will help grow your community.

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