Which @NBA Finals Stars Are Most Popular Among Their Peers?

Which @NBA Finals Stars Are Most Popular Among Their Peers?

The NBA Finals kick off tonight, pitting the San Antonio Spurs against the Miami Heat.

With some of the biggest stars in the league taking the court, its a safe bet that teams, advertisers, and potential sponsors will have their eyes on which players are the most influential.

With that in mind, we mapped the players in The Finals on Twitter to see how they’re connected to the rest of the the league. This graphic showcases which of these championship athletes are most influential among their peers, and how they’re connected.


LeBron is called The King for a reason, with 70 NBA players following him on Twitter. This is second in the NBA to only Kobe Bryant. It’s not surprising considering he has more than 13.1 Million followers on the network.

The Heat players are followed by 117 other players across the league, while the Spurs have only 52 NBA players following members of the team.

As sneakers hit the hardwood tonight, we’ll be watching to see which brands can capitalize on this influence, and how they’ll do it. Stay tuned for updates throughout The Finals.

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