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Which Types of Facebook Content Get More Shares and Comments?

FacebookStudyCTAEveryone likes to be liked, but when posting to Facebook, marketers should look for even more than that. Like clicks from a fan on Facebook are good validation, but getting your fans to share content with their own audience can give your brand exposure it wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and written comments from your fans can give you insights that like clicks can’t.

Certain types of posted content will return different types of engagement, and each type should be leveraged as part of brand posting strategy. As part of our recent Q3 2014 Facebook Network Study, I took a closer look at what types of engagement happen across links, photos, statuses, and videos to see how they stack up. While photos get the most engagement per fan per post, the types of engagement they get is actually representative of what’s typical.

How Engagement Breaks Down

The average Facebook post by Interbrand 100 brands in Q3 2014 received 2% of their engagement from comments, 5% from shares, and 92% from Likes. Here’s how different post types compare:


Status Posts Generate Comments

Right away, the share of engagement from comments on status posts jumps out. Status posts get almost 12 times the engagement share of an average post from comments. If the goal is to start conversations, status posts are winners. While they net the lowest engagement per post per fan, status posts are a quick way to focus engagement on conversation.

Video Posts Over-Index on Shares

Similarly, video posts over-index on shares – a great way to spread your content to viewers who don’t follow your page or may have missed the original posting. Videos receive over twice the rate of engagement from sharing compared to average posts, and this is statistically significant given the sample sizes involved.

This video post from Budweiser is a great example of videos in action, receiving over 87,000 likes which accounted for more than half of the engagement on the post.

Michael Thomason

Michael is Simply Measured's Marketing Analyst, focused on measuring, analyzing, and understanding the social strategy for the most successful social brands in the world.

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