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Why Boomerang? What This App Really Means for Social Marketers

If we’ve learned anything from Instagram over the past couple years, it’s that the social network does not want our feeds getting stale.

Boomerang, Instagram’s GIF-like, video-looping feature is Instagram’s latest standalone app, following both Layout and Hyperlapse.

Boomerang allows users to loop a 1-second video experience, enhancing feeds with GIF-like clips. What inspired Instagram to be the first social network to allow users to create their own GIF-like media, and how will marketers utilize the feature moving forward? Read below to find out, or if you’re in a rush — just watch this video!

17% of Instagrammers Use Vine

Instagram’s addition of Boomerang isn’t necessarily surprising. Video, short-video, and GIFs currently dominate the social media landscape. We see GIFs and Vines all day on Twitter, GIFS and videos on Facebook — the list goes on. Boomerang is simply another clever way for Instagram to push their users creatively and create yet another look for users’ feeds.

How did Instagram know this feature would be a hit?


According to a recent study by GlobalWebIndex, 17% of Instagram users also use Vine. Vine’s 6-second video format lends itself well to some of social media’s most savvy, creative, and, perhaps most importantly, young users.

Creating a similar format (1-second loops), might help Instagram attract a similar community that has worked so well for Vine.

Brands Embrace Boomerang

We’re only a couple weeks in, but we’ve already seen a handful of brands embrace Boomerang. Timberland, Purina, and The Verge are a few of the brands making the most out of 1-second loops. Timberland utilized Boomerang to highlight the release of their Fall catalog.

Purina celebrated the app’s arrival with a cute debut from one of their four-legged friends!

And The Verge utilized their loop to show off a new Microsoft product!

This is only the beginning, but you can expect to see more and more brands coming up with creative ways to use Boomerang.

How Your Brand Can Use Boomerang

As you can see above, Boomerang offers up a lot of opportunities for brands and social marketers! Do you want to integrate Boomerang into your Instagram strategy?

Use it to promote your products, like The Verge.

Find a cool feature that can be displayed in 1-second and loop that sucker.

You could take a funny / silly route and show off a little of your brand’s personality, like Cosmopolitan.

Or, you could encourage your fans to channel their inner-creatives! Run a contest and award the most engaging Boomerang with a prize!

Instagram’s Boomerang is coming out at the perfect time. We are in the midst of a GIF craze and Boomerang enables users to create and share them very efficiently. Will your brand use Boomerang? Let us know in the comments, and download our engagement-boosting cheat sheets for more buzz-generating Instagram ideas.

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