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Why Cross-Channel Measurement Is a Problem for Social Marketers

How is your brand performing on social media? 

The answer to this question usually involves an analysis of each individual network, with specific KPIs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and each network you use. These metrics are important to understand so you can optimize activities on each channel. After all, each social network has a distinct audience, you’re creating distinct content, and your tactics are designed to match each one. But, this approach only goes so far. How do you measure your social media strategy overall? If your brand, your content, and your social strategy are inherently cross-channel, doesn’t measurement need to be cross-channel, as well? Cross-channel measurement is essential these days, but difficult. There are ways to make it easier and Simply Measured now offers a product that automates cross-channel measurement and simplifies reporting.

The Growing Problem with Cross-Channel Measurement in Social Media

Puzzle_mixed-1Your brand is active on multiple networks and your campaigns and content programs are designed to be cross-channel. But, when it comes to measurement and reporting, your data from each channel is likely living in silos, separated by terminology, different activity types, and more. It’s like each data source is a puzzle piece that is difficult to align with the rest of the pieces of the puzzle. The problem increases as your social presence scales. It’s now commonplace to have dozens, or even hundreds, of individual profiles on tens of networks. You face more complexity, more volume, and more pain when trying to measure your brand. This leads to data overload as you export 20 different CSV files in search of a cross-channel view of your brand. How do you overcome data hell and connect the dots in social media? The first step is a measurement strategy to aggregate, standardize, and compare data across channels.


Puzzle_Aggregate-1It’s impossible to analyze across multiple channels with multiple metrics if you can’t get all of your data in the same place. Aggregation alone is not the solution, but getting all the data points in one place is the foundation for cross-channel measurement.


Puzzle_Standardize-1The next crucial component is the standardization of metrics. Each social network has its own content types, metric names, activities, and buzzwords living in a data silo. Analyzing and measuring trends and campaigns across all of your channels is nearly impossible if you don’t standardize KPIs and terminology. Fortunately, there are ways to standardize. For examples, Tweets, Pins, blogs, and videos can become “Posts.” Dozens of unique activities on each channel can be compiled to “Engagement.” Uniform KPIs will let you create standard ratios like engagement rate, engagement per post, and audience growth that can be used to benchmark aggregate performance and compare networks.


Puzzle_Compare-1Once your data is aggregated and standardized, you can compare activity and success across all of your channels. Clear comparisons open the door for you to analyze global trends, get insights about content performance, find opportunities in each community, and optimize strategy and investments across networks.

How Simply Measured Helps You Nail Cross-Channel Measurement

Our product has been well known for delivering the detailed metrics and analysis that help you optimize Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. We’ve heard your growing need to find a cross-channel view of your brand in social media and we are launching a new product that helps.

7 Social Media Channels, 3 Views, 1 Report

Simply Measured’s Cross-Channel Social Performance Report is a single report that aggregates social media analytics across seven channels: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. This report works for brands with a single profile on each network or hundreds spread across all seven channels. Plus, the reports offers three ready-made views offering different levels of detail depending on your audience. With the Cross-Channel Social Performance Report, you can measure the things you care about, with a holistic approach that standardizes the terminology to give a complete picture, focusing on:

    • Audience


  • Engagement



  • Reach



  • Content Performance



By aggregating these metrics across networks, standardizing terminology, and framing your KPIs for comparison, you’re able to quickly and effectively measure your complete social marketing picture. In short, this cross-channel measurement report gets you out of data hell so you can spend your time on insights and results. To learn more about the Cross Channel Social Performance Report and what we’ve included to make your life easier, check out this full breakdown of everything the report features: Learn more about the report

Adam Schoenfeld

Adam is the Co-Founder and VP of Strategy at Simply Measured. In 2010 (aka the dark ages of social marketing), Adam joined Damon Cortesi and Aviel Ginzburg to found "Untitled Startup, Inc" with the goal of helping marketers and analysts use social data to do their best work. The company quickly evolved to become Simply Measured and the trusted leader in social analytics. Outside of Simply Measured, Adam is a golfer, breakfast enthusiast, and long-time data geek.

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