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Why I Joined Simply Measured

Yesterday was my first official day at Simply Measured, a social media analytics company. As I reflect on my decision to join the team, I find that my decision was influenced by 5 factors – my 5 P’s.


My number one consideration when I decided to join SM was the culture of the company. I spent most of my time trying to get a grasp of the company’s culture and the type of people I would work with. My former CMO used to say that “life is too short to work with assholes” and I truly believe in this statement. I was glad to find that the executive team at SM considered culture as a core value to its recruiting process and found that those were more than just words on a value statement. From a culture fit lunch during my interview process, through the Tuesday lunches and Friday toasts, to the fantasy league, soccer team and mid-day runs (not to mention a position for VP of People, which clearly showed how important this element is for the company), I found a company full of great, nice, inviting and hard-working people that I’m now proud to be part of.


The product rocks! It was amazing for me to see how well the company has been doing just by growing organically on the power of its product excellence. Joining a product company with a product that can just sell itself because it solves a real problem for the user is a dream come true. Despite being founded less than three years ago, SM was able to position itself as the leading social media analytics company in the world, working with more than 30% of the Top 100 Global brands including American Express, Pepsi, Samsung and Microsoft.


I could have joined other successful product companies, but what attracted me the most about SM was the enormous potential the company shows. This potential is demonstrated in the strategic direction of the company, the market we are currently a part of and the fact that we’ve been doing extremely well with almost no demand generation effort (my job now). On top of that, the $8 M investment from Bessemer is a strong vote of confidence in the company’s future. However, it wasn’t just the company’s financial potential that I found enticing, but also the professional development potential the company offered me.


That development potential came into play in the position SM offered me. Building and leading SM’s demand generation machine is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. With a product that can basically sell itself, getting the company to scale is a challenge I was eager to take on. And they trust me to do it.



Call me vain, but perks were also part of my decision. From the beautiful waterfront office to the great benefit package and the bottle of Glenlivet I received (as well as a host of other perks like catered company lunches every Tuesday), SM showed me through gifts and gestures that I’m welcomed. I think that a company that invests in its employees (as well as its candidates) and thinks of how to make their work lives easier and more enjoyable is a company you wouldn’t want to leave.

There were more elements for my decision to join the team, but as I reflected on the most important ones (and the ones I could find a P word for) I found these to be the deciding factors. So yesterday I joined the ranks of Simply Measured and embarked on a new, challenging road. If you are a talented marketer, shoot me an email ( or connect with me on LinkedIn because we’re always looking for great talent. If you’re a brand marketer or an agency handling social media, check us out and request your personalized demo today.

P.S. We’re also hiring like crazy across the entire company. Check out our open positions and come join our awesome team.


Uri Bar-Joseph

VP of Marketing at Simply Measured and the designated punching bag for the marketing team. I believe in marketing through data, but love the creative elements of marketing. I write about strategy, decision making, the future of marketing and how social media is reshaping marketing. I'm on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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