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Why @TheEllenShow Is So Good on Twitter

unnamed-10The Ellen Show has an incredible knack for jumping on and inflating internet trends and cultural phenomena before they’ve even reached their apex.

There is nowhere that this talent is more clear than in The Ellen Show‘s social presence, particularly on Twitter.

@TheEllenShow‘s most successful Twitter content fits into three categories: humor, timeliness, and audience relevance. Often, the show’s Tweets fit into all those categories at once. Here’s how they do it.


The Ellen Show‘s recent coverage of and association with the #AlexFromTarget viral sensation is a terrific example of how swiftly it moves to partner with the latest and greatest.

On November 2, a customer apparently unaffiliated with the Target brand first posted a picture of 16-year-old Target checkout boy Alex Lee on Target.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.30.56 PMThe photo, for some reason, went massively viral, with Twitter users crafting new memes from the image and even Tweeting the original image at their friends.

Before he became internet-famous, Alex had just 144 followers. To date, he has 696,000.

Just 24 hours after #AlexfromTarget’s Twitter takeover, @TheEllenShow sent its first Tweet about the hubbub.

This was @TheEllenShow’s most engaging Tweet in the last two weeks, capitalizing on the young hearts so deeply invested in Alex already and excited to get to know him better on Ellen’s show. The Tweet received more than 16 times @TheEllenShow’s average engagement between October 26 and November 6.

Smartly building on this momentum, @TheEllenShow sent out a follow-up Tweet which also received significant engagement on the same date:

The next day, @TheEllenShow sent out this Tweet, smartly spotlighting Ellen’s holiday album and, of course, the newly famous Alex.

And, finally, on November 5, Alex from Target appeared on The Ellen Show.

This is a fantastic example of how speed and constant nurturing on social help The Ellen Show jump on already-existing buzz and make it bigger than it was before.

Audience Relevance

@TheEllenShow knows its audience on Twitter, as evidenced by its staggering engagement numbers (over 1.2 million in the past two weeks) and follower growth (over 450K).

Its top posts skew younger, like the #AlexFromTarget content and a whole slew of recent top-engaging Tweets about teen band 5 Seconds of Summer:

This was @TheEllenShow’s third-most engaging Tweet in the last two weeks, and a great barometer of how excited @TheEllenShow’s Twitter followers were for 5 Seconds of Summer to appear on her show. 

Another example of how @TheEllenShow hits the Twitter mark by knowing its audience is the popularity of the show’s Taylor Tweets. 

By catering to a younger audience on Twitter and having a keen eye for what’s lighting this audience up, @TheEllenShow keeps engagement numbers booming and beautiful. 


Humor runs through all of The Ellen Show‘s efforts, both on the megapopular comedienne’s TV show and on social media. @TheEllenShow’s funny Tweets run the gamut from corny but endearing newsjacking puns…

…to Ellen’s signature #ClassicJokeFriday

…to chummy jokes with celebrities:

No matter how humor manifests itself on @TheEllenShow’s Twitter feed, it always remains true to Ellen’s voice and a reflection of her show’s content.

How Do You See TV Shows Win on Twitter? 

With the advent of social media and the exponential growth of multi-screen households, it’s incredibly important for major TV shows to have a social component to their overall strategies.

But hatching a fool-proof Twitter game plan, crafting the perfect Tweet, or putting together the best social image can only get you so far. At the end of the day, you need to know when to push your content. Be sure to refer back to these three types of analyses to fine-tune your blueprint.

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