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Why Twitter’s New Product “Curator” Could Save Social Marketers Hours

Surfacing the most relevant and interesting content can be a big challenge on Twitter. The sheer volume of Tweets makes it difficult to keep up with the ones that are relevant to your brand.

Twitter is working to ease that tension with a new feature released this week. Called “Curator”, this tool gives publishers the ability to  aggregate the most relevant content possible from Twitter and Vine and display it on the web, television, jumbotron, etc.


How does Curator work?

According to Twitter’s blog post announcing the release:

Curator enables publishers to create complex keyword and hashtag queries to easily uncover streams of high quality Tweets. Queries can be further refined by follower counts, location, languages and more to create collections of the most relevant Tweets pertaining to that topic. For example, you can find Tweets including #MarchMadness, from users with 100+ followers located in the US. You can then use Curator to display the best Tweets from that search into your mobile app, during a TV show broadcast, or on any screen regardless of size.

The advanced filters that allow users to segment Tweets by follower accounts, location, and language is the key component, acting as a listening tool and a stream visualization tool all in one.

Curator also offers a dashboard that features analytics and trends within the selected query to the user monitoring the stream.

Initially, Twitter is opening the tool for free to publishers: news organizations, production companies, broadcasters, local governments, and concert venues.

How Will Curator Help Marketers?

Over 500 million Tweets are sent per day. That’s a lot to handle.
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As a content curator, many marketers  spend hours sifting through Tweets to find the ones that will be relevant to their audience. Curator’s filtering feature does some of that heavy lifting for you, allowing users to share only the most relevant and interesting content with their audience.

As a publisher,  there are many reasons to use this tool: Visualizations for your event, conversations around a specific news topic, conference hashtags, etc. But Curator also offers segmentation and quick insight into your conversation, helping you answer questions about your campaign:

  • Are more men or women talking about your topic?
  • How about just among the influential and most-followed users?
  • Where are people using your hashtag?
  • What are they saying in that specific city?

While Curator has similar features to other Tweet curation tools, the data available about those Tweets is what makes it appealing, and gives it basic listening and monitoring capabilities as well.  While it’s only open to publishers at this point, there is an application form that lets users make their case as a publisher, and the opportunity for Curator to make an impact for brand marketers is already there if Twitter opens it to all users.

If you’re a publisher or live event producer, we’d love to hear from you. Will you use Curator? Let us know in the comments.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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