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Winning Your Social Community: A Seattle Seahawks Case Study

Over that past few years, the Seattle Seahawks have become famous for their very loud fans. These people have tipped off the Richter scale. Last season, on their marvelous march to a world championship, the social media team supporting the Seahawks faced the challenge of translating all of that fan enthusiasm and energy onto social media. How loud could the “Twelves” tweet?

According to Seahawk’s Director of Digital Media, Kenton Olsen, they took a fan-centric approach, paying a lot of attention to the Twelves.

Our fans are a huge part of the Seahawks’ success, so our strategy was centered around saluting and empowering them.

They continue to do so, with this philosophy apparent throughout every aspect of the Seahawks’ social presence.

Screenshot 2014-09-03 08.40.49
The Seattle Seahawks are among the best social organizations around when it comes to fan interaction.

With help from the team’s incredible 2013-14 season, their efforts transported the electricity at the stadium to the Twelves tuning in from home, resulting in a 173% increase in their cross-channel social engagement throughout the playoff run.

Download the case study for a glimpse inside how the Seahawks’ social efforts were set up for success, including:

  • Metrics that will make your efforts most impactful.
  • How to ensure you’ll never miss an influencer’s tweet.
  • How to spend less time analyzing and more time optimizing.

…and much more. Click the image below to download the full case study.


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