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You Will Be Immediately Impacted by Twitter’s Revamped 140-Character Limit

It’s official: Twitter is stretching its 140-character limit by no longer attributing photos, videos, GIFs, and polls to a Tweet’s total.

Source: Twitter

Revamping a mainstay in the digital marketing universe is a great way to get social media marketers shaking in their boots. But marketers should be rejoicing! What was formerly a small sandbox is now a full-blown marketing playground. In what ways will marketers be impacted by this change — for better and for worse?

Opting for In-Stream Content, Rather Than Linking Away

Contrary to popular belief (and multiple false reports), Twitter is not making this exception for links. Links will still be counted to the 140-character limit.


So, why media and not links? We all know that people love visuals, but for Twitter it’s more than that. All networks are vying to keep people on their channel, as we’ve seen with Instagram’s gallery ad and Facebook’s Trending Topics.

By giving marketers who lean towards in-stream visuals the benefit of breadth, Twitter is able to keep its audience immersed in the channel for longer periods.

A Different Customer Service Experience: @Replies and RT’s

Obviously, there are major benefits to the new 140-characters for brands who rely on Twitter as a customer service platform. The new limit will help cut down on those unnecessary and pesky two- and three-part Tweets. However, Twitter introduced even more changes that will alter how customer service on Twitter works.

Source: USA Today

Now, Tweets that begin with “@name” will be public to all followers. However, users will only see the first @reply, not the entire conversation. Brands should be mindful of this and use it to their advantage. More visibility on interactions with customers can help brands thwart repetitive FAQs. Twitter is also allowing users to retweet and quote their own Tweets to resurface their content or conversations.

These tweaks to the @reply and RT function will surely enhance interactions with customers and keep marketers moving quickly.

New Strategies as a Result of Analysis

So far, it seems like people are really excited about these changes to Tweets.

But now comes the real fun. Everything that you thought worked for your brand’s Twitter account — Tweet length, media, timing — is up for grabs. Once this update hits the Twittersphere, take some time to experiment and test new formats. After that, it’s time to dig into the data. Discover the formula for the new-and-improved perfect Tweet. How much is too much? Which new techniques can you use with visuals and videos? How will your customer service be impacted?

What are other strategic changes marketers can expect to encounter as a result of this update? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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