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Your 2017 Social Marketing Planning Checklist Includes…

We recently released our 2017 Social Planning Template and Checklist. It’s been a big hit for us. This tells us that many social marketers know what they want to accomplish in 2017, but are a little stumped about how to get there. The template includes an editable Excel file with a tab and a formula for everything you’ll need as a social marketer, so you can track towards your goals effectively.

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The package also includes a handy checklist for you to follow as you fill out your template. I’d like to share a few of the key components on this checklist here. Your 2017 Social Marketing Plan needs to include the following:

✅ Key promotions and campaigns: This isn’t to say you won’t be flexible–social marketers know that circumstances and priorities can change at a moment’s notice–but you should have all your key promotions and campaigns built out now, with deliverables and production dates laid out. It’s more work today, but a huge sigh of relief later.

These pillars should be either in-line with–or better yet, created in conjunction with–the broader digital marketing team.

✅ Goals for each promotion and campaign: If you don’t have a goal to work towards, what’s the point? You’re flailing in space. First, analyze the performance of past campaigns. Next, set aggressive goals for your upcoming campaigns in 2017.

✅ A creative brief: Your campaigns will need focus, creative assets, and direction. Put together a creative brief to develop your campaign theme, targeting, and timeline. All tactics and activities associated with your campaign should map back to this creative brief.

✅ A benchmarking and tracking system: The final tab of your 2017 Planning template is designed to help you track progress on every social network that matters to you. Track progress in this tab or use Simply Measured’s Social Analysis and Attribution products to measure and analyze everything in one place. However you track progress, this step is crucial to understanding how your campaigns and ongoing programs are performing so you can optimize and iterate along the way.

The checklist in this package is more robust than the tidbits laid out above, and also includes guidance for making budget requests. To get the whole enchilada, download below!

Get everything you need to analyze the metrics that matter

2017 Social Media Planning Template and Checklist


Lucy Hitz

I’m the Head of Marketing Communications here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our content program, social media marketing, PR, and comarketing ventures. I love yoga, The X-Files, peaty scotch, hiking, and poetry. If I were a social media channel, I’d want to be Instagram, but I think I’m Twitter.

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