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Your #DigitalFam Holiday To-Do List

The holidays are a busy time for marketers everywhere. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season and forget to stop and have a little fun!

We put together the ultimate #DigitalFam Holiday To-Do list for more holiday cheer and less holiday stress. Scroll on down and start checking things off!

HolidayTo-Do-List_DigitalFam2016-01It can be hard to leave work behind during the holidays, but if you prepare, you’ll be able to enjoy your time off. Use our checklist as a start, and write down everything you need to do before you head out the door.

  • Create a loose outline of your Q1 2017 plan, so you can begin getting buy-in from other stakeholders when you return to the office
  • Block out the first 3 hours on your calendar on your first day back so you can get caught up on emails and voicemails
  • For a smooth transition, create a separate list for what you need to do your first week back in the office. Use tools like todoist and StayFocusd to limit distractions and prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed. 

Looking for more planning tips and tricks? Check out our 2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide below!

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2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide


Audrey Klackner

My name is Audrey and I’m the Social Media Intern here at Simply Measured. I love running, Husky football, The Bachelor, and celebrity Twitter drama.

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