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Your Instagram Followers Love Seeing Your Product

It turns out that consumers who follow brands on Instagram really love product pictures. Rather than humans holding or showing off the products, they seem to prefer close-ups on their favorite things. Could your fanboys and fangirls be looking for more product shots from you?

Instagram Network Study – Q4 2014

Our trusty marketing analyst Michael Thomason dug a little deeper into the data from our Simply Measured Q4 2014 Instagram Study and came up with a list of the photos from the Interbrand Top 100 global companies that drew the highest engagement as a percentage of their audience during the quarter. A way to think of the calculation is that these images or videos received the most engagements per 100 users. Some users may have had numerous engagements on a single image, such as a Like and two comments. So we ranked each image by engagements per one hundred users. The top brands range between 11 and 16 total engagements per 100 users.

Here are the highlights.

Roll Camera…On Cameras

CanonUSA dominated the top twenty images list. They boasted eight of the top twenty, with five in the top six. The company has a small but loyal following of photo equipment enthusiasts and their passion for cameras and camera gear pushed the following image to number one in Q4 2014.

The NEW EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens is finally here.

A photo posted by @canonusa on

Yes, that lens is beautiful and nicely displayed. And, there seems to be a pattern where images of products that are out of most people’s price range, such as a $2,000 lens, get extra attention. We saw this pattern in our analysis of images on Facebook as well with luxury brand Cartier. “Wish,” “want,” and “need” all come up in the comments on this CanonUSA image.

Canon also pleases users with throwback shots of older cameras, and a very YouTube star-like, “What’s in my camera bag?” image, seen below.

Besides product shots, Canon does include the to-be-expected, gorgeous photos of famous places, from the Bahamas to NYC. These pictures fall behind the products images overall, though, in fan response.

Tracking Tractors on the Move

Can you believe that John Deere is one of the top producers of high-engagement images on Instagram? I think that very few people could have seen this success coming. They have three images in the top twenty, tying them with UPS for second place overall.

Much like camera enthusiasts, there are tractor and farming equipment fans. And, they’re on Instagram. Shiny tractors lined up in front of a church won the most response for John Deere.

Ready… Set… #DeereSighting by fan Janessens S.

A photo posted by John Deere (@johndeere) on

John Deere also did well with a black and white picture from the 1940’s showing farmer plowing a field. They also had a fun holiday shot with a tractor covered in lights near a cozy, farm setting.

Technology Sparks Admiration

Three tech companies made their way into the top twenty for image engagement on Instagram – Google, HP, and Nintendo. Google, known for its innovative work environments and hefty salaries, captured interest by showing a picture of a new statue on their Mountain View, California campus, a.k.a. Googleplex. The comments on the post include some Android love but also an “I want to work there” contingent trying to connect with Google employees.

Hewlett-Packard melted dog lovers’ hearts, and got laptop fans excited, with this hilarious image. A lot of the comments are from people sharing the picture with their friends.

Finally, Nintendo showed off an old-school controller and sparked a hearty discussion about who has it, who doesn’t, and how to get the adapter to put it to work.

Heart and Belly-Warming Product Features

Our final notes on the list includes a shout out to Allianz for their coverage of the World Cup. In essence, they took advantage of another great product: international soccer. Jack Daniels really brought home the holidays with their skiing bottle of Winter Jack Tennessee Cider. The video had some clever comments including, “Always good with breakfast.” 

#WinterJack. An original Tennessee Cider best served warm with family and friends. A video posted by Jack Daniel’s (@jackdaniels_us) on

And, in the heart warming category, with plenty of product placements, including its well-known uniforms, UPS featured a series with little Carson, who gets his very own UPS truck delivered to his house. UPS makes a smart move by making the first comment on this image a link back to the original video featuring Carson.

Consumers Favorite Products Belong on Instagram

Do you have a following on Instagram? Are you shy about showing off your goods? Don’t be. Consumers want to see the products they love artfully displayed so they can gaze, admire, and share. Have you had luck with posting your product on Instagram? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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