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Stay Ahead of the Competition

With Simply Measured Competitive Analytics

Learn what you can do with Simply Measured:

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Benchmark Against Competitors

  • Know who is being mentioned most in your category, so you can make necessary adjustments and move the needle.
  • Compare your brand sentiment to that of your top competitors: who is getting the most love right now?
  • Analyze audience growth and engagement over time. Understand the cycles and phenomena which impact business most.

See Where You Rank and Why

  • Analyze competitors' campaigns, so you can replicate their successes for your brand and avoid pitfalls.
  • Compare performance by media type. Identify where to invest limited resources.
  • Discover conversations dominated by your competitors. Then take back your market share.

Own Your Market

  • Monitor conversations in your category. Discover trending topics and dive in a moment's notice.
  • Identify influencers, so you can boost brand awareness with competitive, highly targeted audience segments.
  • Discover audiences untapped by your competitors, and make them yours.

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