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Fuel Data-Driven Decisions Making with Full Access to Raw Data

Data is worthless unless you can make sense of it. Delve into the raw data of every social performance report using your favorite platform, Excel.

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Synthesize the Cross-Channel Narrative

Analyze the synergies that happen across social channels to grow your strategy holistically. View your brand’s entire social performance through a single, consolidated, and meaningful dashboard.

Example Reports:

Measure the Impact of Social Ad Spend on Your Overall Strategy

See the complete picture of your brand health by evaluating how paid media is driving results for your owned accounts and connecting to business results.

Example Reports:

Measure content engagement by type and placement strategy

Your content is the social representation of your brand. Gain insight into where, when, how and why your audience is engaging with your content.

Example Reports:

Never Lose Sight of Your Competitors

Gain insight into what strategies your competitors are executing and what is driving performance in your vertical. Identify targeting opportunities to grow your social share of voice.

Example Reports:

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