Instagram Analytics

Perfect your Instagram campaigns with Simply Measured Instagram Analytics.
Measure the impact of Instagram throughout the entire marketing funnel.

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Measure Your Brand Performance

  • Identify the reach of your Instagram hashtag campaigns.
  • Monitor the growth of your brand with new and total followers.
  • Analyze the success of your video strategy by tracking video views, retention, engagement, and conversions.
Instagram Analytics
Instagram Analytics

Gain Competitive Insights

  • Analyze your performance against your direct competitors.
  • Discover how to improve your posts by identifying the content and campaigns that work best for your competitors.
  • Grow your brand reach by identifying influencers and advocates within your audience.

Maximize Results

  • Understand which post types drive the most engagement.
  • Measure traffic and conversion from Instagram profile links and comments.
  • Identify top keywords in comments, discover related conversations, and join in!
Instagram Analytics

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