Content Share Tracking, Analyze what people share on social and in private messaging

Content Share Tracking

Analyze what people share on social and in private messaging.


How much traffic, time-on-site, and pageviews came from social?

Get complete measurement of traffic from social, including from private messaging apps (dark social). Compare visits to time-on-site and pageviews to find activity correlations and determine when and through which channels you should post for increased website activity.

What is the traffic breakdown between brand-shared URL's and consumer-shared URL's?

Identify how much web traffic comes from brand posts, and how much comes from people sharing your URL's via social networks and dark social. Segment your traffic by source and determine which social channels drive the most website activity when you post. Illuminate the total impact of consumer sharing.

How much traffic came from each post in our latest campaign?

Conduct on-the-fly analysis of campaigns, hashtags, and message themes. Start driving more traffic with content built for specific audiences, campaigns, and product lines.

Which pieces of web content are shared the most?

Discover which URL’s are shared most often by your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and dark social. Analyze your most shared URL’s to create stronger content and highlight products based on the highest indicator of consumer intent: personal referrals.

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