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Discover emerging topics and influencers to reach new audiences.


What is the sentiment, volume, and reach of the social conversation?

Gain insight into the conversation happening around any topic. At-a-glance analysis helps you find starting places for digging deeper into what's being said and who's talking, so you can craft more effective content.

What are the emerging themes in my space?

Discover what people say when they mention your brand, and relevant keywords and hashtags. Conduct competitive analysis with this insight. Find emerging conversation trends and capitalize on them, rather than playing catch-up with your audience and competitors.

What is the gender, age, and location of my target audience?

See which audience segments talk about your brand, category, and competitors. Use these insights to filter by age, gender, and location. Understand how different audience types feel and behave.

Which influencers drive positive word-of-mouth and extend my reach?

Identify who is driving the conversation around your brand. Define the audience segment you want to access, then find the most influential members of your audience. Partner with these influencers to extend your reach with hard-to-reach audience segments.

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