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Social Analytics

Explore and report on owned and competitor profile performance.


The Latest Instagram Insights

  • Make better decisions with more Instagram data, including impressions, reach, engagement rate, saves, video views, and carousel data.
  • Invest in Instagram Stories with peace of mind, knowing you’ll be able to set strategic goals and track results including impressions, reach, views, replies, exits, tap-backs, and tap-forwards.'
  • Access your data flexibly, analyzing performance with content type breakdown, custom date ranges, and word, phrase, and hashtag filtering.
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What's my daily engagement across channels and profiles?

Quickly and easily measure daily social engagement with a unified cross-channel view, and go deeper when you need to. Filter by channel, media type, text, and hashtags for your profiles. Click into activity spikes to determine what, when, and where you should post for increased engagement.

How does my social presence compare with competitors?

Create custom profile groupings across channels to conduct competitive analysis. Compare your entire social footprint against competitors to bring context to your own performance. At the same time, uncover and leverage winning competitor strategies.

How do I present a meaningful campaign story?

Apply custom tags to posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you can analyze engagement on a given set of posts by campaign, event, product, and more. Analyze and report on campaign performance, identify which optimizations need to be made to reach campaign goals, and communicate success to stakeholders.

How do I spend less time reporting and more time acting?

Beautifully designed reports automatically delivered to your inbox and your stakeholders. Schedule automatic report delivery, and gain back hours every week to put towards applying data-informed insights.

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