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Identify the Content That Makes Your Campaigns Most Successful

Eliminate the guesswork with highly visual campaign and content analysis that enable you to easily identify what’s working, so you can do more of it.

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Tune into Sentiment and Customer Service Concerns About Your Brand

The number of consumers using social media for customer service is on the rise. Ensure your teams stay on top of what loyal customers want with sentiment analysis and customer service reporting for one or all of your social accounts.

Example Reports:

Benchmark Your Brand's Performance Against Competitors

Stay ahead of industry trends by monitoring the efforts of your competitors. Get an in-depth, actionable analysis of the competitive set you define, including audience, content, engagement trends, and beyond.

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Keep Track of Your Local and Franchise Presence on Social

Success doesn’t live in silo. Ensure your global-to-local strategy is top notch so you can identify top performers, share best practices between teams, and more.

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Get a Complete Picture of Your Entire Social Media Presence Across All Channels and Networks

Measure your efforts in context across all your social profiles, including your corporate, local, and dedicated customer service accounts. See your efforts for a single account or holistically across seven different social networks, all in one place.

Example Reports:

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