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Understand How Social Impacts Your Bottom Line with Social Partnership and Sponsorship Measurement

Quantify the impact of your campaigns using social data to bring your partnerships full-circle. Easily share it with stakeholders using pre-built presentations and scorecards.

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Identify the Content That Makes Your Campaigns Most Successful

Eliminate the guesswork with highly visual campaign and content analysis that enable you to easily identify what’s working, so you can do more of it.

Example Reports:

Dig Deeper into Your Competitors’ Social Strategy to Optimize Your Strategy and Increase Your Own Share of Voice

Don’t just measure your brand against anyone. Get an in-depth analysis of the competitive set you define, including audience, content, engagement trends, and beyond.

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Stay on Top of the Influencers & Trends Most Important to Your Brand

Analyze how your campaigns engage your top influencers and get deep insights into thought leaders driving conversations about your brand. Use our Alerts feature to ensure you never miss an opportunity to engage!

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Get a Complete Picture of Your Entire Social Media Presence Across All Channels and Networks

Measure your efforts in context across all your social accounts, including your team, players, or television personalities. See your efforts for a single account or holistically across seven different social networks, all in one place.

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