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Leveraging sharing and purchase insights for increased social traffic, conversions, and revenue.

74% Increase in Revenue
17% Increase in Engagement
24% Increase in Visits

About Garmentory

Garmentory is a leading online retailer for emerging and contemporary fashion. The team at Garmentory curates a marketplace of clothes, shoes, and accessories from boutiques all over the world. Since launching in 2014, the company has experienced 400% growth year-over-year, and now partners with over 400 boutiques.

The Challenge

Garmentory - Conversion Tracking FunnelKosonen relied on Google Analytics, native analytics, and her publishing tool (she recently switched from Hootsuite to Buffer). Jumping back and forth between tools created some challenges. “There was no way to put together a cross-channel story from impressions, to engagement, to purchases, to revenue,” Kosonen said. “And, perhaps even more important, the data wasn’t teaching us anything new. We wanted to find out which products our audience cares about most, and we just weren’t getting that from other tools.”

Additionally, the Garmentory team needed a concise way to define what success meant for social and how to build a strategy to drive those outcomes.

Getting Started

Getting started with Content Share Tracking and Conversion Tracking requires some basic set-up. All that’s required is a single line of JavaScript, which automatically appends a tracking parameter to the end of the URL. “Implementation was pretty straight-forward. Once we put the code on our site, Simply Measured was able to set up our conversions and business values for us, and we haven’t seen any negative impact on site performance or traffic with the addition of the URL append,” Kosonen said. “The ability to track conversions and assign each a value is above and beyond other platforms.”

The conversions Garmentory tracks are: purchases, items added to a bag [i.e., cart], email sign-ups, and offers (bids) made by shoppers. While revenue is tracked for each purchase, Garmentory has also assigned monetary business values to each type of non-purchase conversion, which has helped them quantify the complete impact of social traffic on the business.


Garmentory - Conversion Tracking Comparative AnalysisKosonen started by looking at traffic, sharing, and conversion data with Content Share Tracking and Conversion Tracking.  “The first thing I noticed was how much of our social traffic was coming from private messaging [dark social]. We had been looking at Google Analytics for a long time, asking ourselves, ‘Is that really all of the traffic from social?’” Kosonen said. As it turns out, traffic from URLs shared through private messaging apps accounts for over half of the earned social traffic to

The next thing Kosonen did was go beyond just how much people were sharing, to look at what people were sharing, so she could see at what points in their website experience visitors started sharing.

The Garmentory team then turned to Social Analytics to measure outcomes higher in the funnel, such as impressions and engagement, to see how those metrics relate to traffic and purchases. “Having one place I can go that tells me everything happening in my funnel from social has helped us narrow down our most important metrics and monitor the outcomes that matter to our business.”


Garmentory now takes cues from their audience’s social sharing preferences when building their social and content strategy. They look at which pages are shared most through private messaging and apply that insight when promoting posts. Plus, Kosonen found another insight with implications for their website shopping experience as a whole.

Elisa Kosonen, VP of Communications at Garmentory


VP of Communications at Garmentory

“Before Simply Measured, we were bouncing from tool to tool looking for data. We use Simply Measured to look at social’s role in our customer journey across every single channel they use. Not only can we see the impact of our social efforts from impressions all the way to purchases, we also take direction from our audience by watching which of our URLs people share through private messaging.”

“It was interesting to see how many people were sharing their shopping bag [cart] URL. We can now see the value in improving our wish list feature to make it easier for our shoppers to share the items they’re considering with their friends so they can get feedback and hopefully refer them to our site as well,” Kosonen said.

With Simply Measured, Kosonen has been able to concisely define the social outcomes that matter to Garmentory’s business, report those outcomes to stakeholders, and apply insights from traffic and conversion data by creating and boosting posts containing the URLs shared most by their audience through private messaging apps. In the first 90 days using Social Analytics, Content Share Tracking, and Conversion Tracking, Kosonen and team have seen significant increases in social’s impact on website activity, conversion, and total return.


Month 3 vs. Month 1: Total Impact

Total Engagement Visits Pageviews Conversions Purchases Revnue from Purchases Business Value from Non-Purchase Conversion Revenue + Business Value
+ 17% +24% +15.5% +19% +26.5% +79% +18% +45%

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