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Simply Measured Helped Nashville CVC Spur a 25.7% Increase In Engagement Per Post and Streamline Their Social Media Strategy


About Nashville CVC

Although locals rarely see their work, Nashville CVC plays a pivotal role in upholding Nashville’s reputation as Music City: a worldwide premier entertainment destination. With Nashville CVC at the helm, the city’s thriving travel, tourism and entertainment scene has grown into a $6 billion industry that attracts over 14 million visitors each year.


The Challenge

Manual social tracking with limited insights

Nashville CVC has a lean team that manages the strategy and performance across their website, email marketing, and social media channels. Unfortunately, analyzing the key metrics relating to their audience growth and engagement on social media had proven to be a tedious task for the Nashville CVC team.

Their biggest problem was that each social channel had limited native reporting capabilities. The team was spending hours manually counting and tallying the sparse and disparate information that each social platform was able to provide.

Frustrated by these reporting limitations, the inconsistent information available across their social platforms, and the time it took to compile, measure and analyze key insights, the Nashville CVC team was in need of a solution that could give them in-depth metrics, all in one place—so that they could make informed decisions about how to use social to drive business growth.

“With the increasing importance of digital presence, we were strained. The way we were manually collecting data didn’t make sense anymore.”

The Solution

A partner who anticipates their needs & helps solve their problems

The Nashville CVC team considered a lot of options before choosing Simply Measured as their solution. Most of all, they liked that Simply Measured could provide detailed insights for all of their social platforms, in less time, at a competitive price.

More importantly, Simply Measured proved how committed they were to Nashville CVC’s business. They work hard to deliver helpful, attentive

support and help solve any issues the Nashville CVC team might be facing. Even when everything is smooth sailing, Simply Measured’s Customer Success Manager checks in to make sure the team is taken care of.

“Simply Measured has been a huge time-saver. All of the information we need to create an effective social media strategy is right there at our fingertips.”

— Allie Hardee, Director of Digital Marketing, Nashville CVC

Simply Measured has had many practical benefits for Nashville CVC. Now, they can simply log into their reporting dashboard to see all of their key social insights, metrics and reports in one place, which makes comparing within and between their social media platforms a breeze. The team can then quickly and effortlessly generate beautiful reports that highlight key insights across all of their social channels.

In just a few clicks, Simply Measured allows them to see granular and big-picture data in real time, and compare results day by day, week by week, and month by month—right down to engagement on specific hashtags and campaigns.Sharing insights and performance across departments and upstream has never been easier.

“Simply Measured has saved us an incredible amount of time. We now have detailed information at our fingertips that allows us to learn from what we’re doing and take action.”

The Result

A cohesive & data-driven social strategy

Simply Measured has provided Nashville CVC with the tools they need to gather information about which types of outreach are working, and then use these actionable insights to create custom strategies to engage their audience across all platforms.

Nashville CVC has been able to use these insights to great effect. In just one year, their average engagement per post has risen by 25.7%, and their audience has grown by 43% on Twitter, 29% on Instagram, and 17% on Facebook. Plus, website traffic from social referrals has increased by a staggering 21%.

With Simply Measured by their side, Nashville CVC can quickly gather the information they need to develop data-driven social media strategies that will continue to support their growth.

“Before, we were making decisions on a hunch. With Simply Measured, we have robust data to work from when it comes to our social strategy. Our audience and engagement are growing because the analytics tell us what’s working and what to do more of.”

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