Check to see if your brand has been flagged as spam on Twitter.

Find a popular account that is marked as spam, but shouldn’t be? Email and we’ll add them here.

What Is Twitter Spam? Why Should You Care?

If your account is flagged as spam, your Tweets will be excluded from Twitter search and syndication via the Twitter firehose, and your reach and engagement opportunities will be dramatically restricted. If you manage a brand on Twitter, it’s important to ensure that this doesn’t happen. In an effort to help all Twitter users stay informed about the status of their account, we created the Simply Measured Twitter Spam Checker. This tool will let you know if your account has (or has not!) been flagged as spam and directs you to where you can go to fix the situation if you find an account incorrectly flagged. Just enter any Twitter username above to check for spam.

How Is Twitter Fighting Spam?

With the increased frequency of hacked accounts and the proliferation of spam tweets it is not surprising that Twitter is working hard to combat these trends. Twitter even acquired internet security company Dasient recently to help with this problem. All of which provides both Tweeters and followers a more enjoyable experience.