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YouTube Analytics

Curate an engaging, impactful YouTube channel with insights from Simply Measured YouTube Channel Analytics.

Learn what you can do with Simply Measured:

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Analyze Your Performance

  • Identify which YouTube videos drive traffic back to your site and impact sales.
  • Discover the optimal video length by tracking your video retention rates.
  • Monitor negative engagement, such as thumbs down, and adjust content to ensure brand health.

Stay Ahead of Competition

  • Benchmark your performance against competitors.
  • Measure brand health by monitoring subscriber growth and video time watched.
  • Identify where competitors are seeing success and look for trends in their top videos.

Maximize Your Engagement and Conversions

  • Optimize your content for the device your audience is using to watch your videos.
  • Compare the performance of your YouTube videos to videos on other channels with cross-channel video measurement.
  • Identify which content is being shared most, both publicly and privately, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

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