Social Media Measurement: Understanding Cross-Channel Tactics


Understanding Cross-Channel Measurement can be a complex task. There are a lot of moving pieces, and the ability to get a holistic “big picture” view of your social landscape is not easy. This week, I had the pleasure of moderating a webinar called “The 5 Essentials of Cross-Channel Measurement”, a conversation stemming from our recent… Continue Reading

How Companies on Forbes List Make Big Gains on Twitter

Forbes America’s Best Small Companies list brings together the most successful 100 small companies in the nation. We used the Forbes collection as a a sample set for our Twitter Study in January, comparing their activities and engagement to the Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands. At the time of the study, we collected three months of… Continue Reading

Vine’s New Customization Features, And Why Social Media Marketers Should Care


Today, Vine announced major updates to its shooting, importing, editing, and sharing capabilities. These customization options make Vine more valuable to marketers then ever before because the tool is now stronger, faster, and more multifunctional. Here’s what’s changed, and why you should care. You can now import existing videos from your phone – and mix… Continue Reading

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Sephora’s Cross-Channel Social Strategy


If your brand is active on multiple social channels, looking at audience response and engagement results on a channel-by-channel basis just isn’t going to cut it. You’re not seeing the data in context. I wanted to show how much rich information can be gleaned from a streamlined yet deep cross-channel analysis, so I pulled a… Continue Reading

Cross-Channel Social Media Measurement Webinar


Cross-channel measurement is critical to any advanced social media strategy, but it’s a complex problem that is difficult to solve. With more networks, bigger audiences, and advancing tactics, the measurement needs for social media marketers are increasing daily. As a marketer, how do you bring each piece of the puzzle into one place, create a… Continue Reading

Social Media Strategy: The Pros and Cons of Global vs. Local


Every social media strategy – local or global – has pros and cons. Understanding these tradeoffs will help your brand decide which type of presence you need, or whether you want something in between: a “global-local” presence. Choosing a direction can be tricky. Lets take a look at some of the options you have. Local Presence Many small… Continue Reading

How to Build a Retail Social Media Campaign


The performance of your campaigns should be something you measure no matter what. Campaigns include a series of media produced around product, service, brand concept, or offer. Measuring campaign performance allows any marketer to drive results, understand your audience, and engage with potential customers. Many retail establishments do extensive hashtag monitoring on social campaigns to… Continue Reading

PSBJ Crowns Simply Measured a Top Place to Work in Washington


Last night, Simply Measured claimed first-place among medium-sized companies in Puget Sound Business Journal’s annual “Washington’s Best Workplaces” competition. The Gold Medalist (1st) in the Medium Company category for #PSBJWaBest Workplaces is @simplymeasured Congrats to @Schoeny and his team. — The Business Journal (@PSBJ) August 15, 2014 This award means that people who work here really love working… Continue Reading

5 Keys to Social Media Measurement For Every Network


If you’re a social media marketer, you’re spread pretty thin. You create editorial calendars, visual assets, content, plan campaigns, set goals, and measure results. This task-list could sound familiar to any marketer, regardless of their arena. The difference for social media marketers is that you’re operating in an ever-changing landscape, and your area of responsibility is… Continue Reading

5 Popular Crowdsourced Hashtags, Their Twitter Birthdates, And How Brands Use Them Now


When you’re scrolling through your feed and see #TGIF about one zillion times on Friday afternoon at 4 PM, do you ever wonder where that hashtag originated? Who was the first person to think of that? And how are brands leveraging these ubiquitous hashtags to gain more engagement, discoverability, awareness, and audience relevance on Twitter? I’m so glad… Continue Reading