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+Post Ads Went Public on Google+ Today: What It Means For Brands


Google+ released their new +Post ads publicly today. The network pre-released +Post ads for testing in December with a handful of retailers including Toyota USA. But what are the new +Post ads? Here are the basics: What is the value of advertising with +Post?  When you publish ads on Google+, you get…well…all of Google, which is why this…

3 Phases of Social Event Planning: A Marketer’s Quick Guide

liveevent_socialstrat_blog 2

Social media integration is an essential tool in today’s marketing wheelhouse. It is not only significant to overall marketing programs, but for live events as well, be it tradeshows or events for brands and organizations. This process can be dissected into three main phases. Of course, edits are almost always necessary because no brand or…

Simply Interview: Lilach Bullock


Lilach Bullock is impressive. As a social media consultant, business owner, and seasoned speaker, her experience has landed her on not one, but two, Forbes’ influencer lists. How does one become a social media icon? We asked Lilach about her experience, strategy and recommendations for brands. Check out what she said in our interview below!…

Instagram Catches Twitter For US Users: Which Brands Are Where?

InstaTwitt_blog 2

It’s not rocket science: brands, like The Little Mermaid, want to be where the people are. A recent eMarketer study shows that Instagram–which just broke 200 million users–is catching up to Twitter in usage and engagement levels, and that “their user counts and demographics are strikingly similar.” A semi-annual survey on teen preferences from Piper Jaffray…

Data Storytelling: How Analysis Can Frame Your Content Marketing

storytelling_blog 2

I have a long history with storytelling. I spent seven years as a sports writer, which may seem like a far cry from marketing for a social analytics company, but it’s not. Sports writing, at its core, is using data as the framework for a story. It may be a little different from the keyword…

Tweets from the Week: Brands Tee-Off at the Masters


Sunday at Augusta… Golf’s biggest stage… Right? Okay, you got me. Truthfully, I don’t know that much about golf. I’ve seen Happy Gilmore, I know the green jacket is a big deal, and grew up watching my dad watch Tiger. But, this year’s Masters has changed my tune. Brands and fans alike have flocked to…

Why You Should Pay More Attention to Google+ and LinkedIn


Google+ and LinkedIn get a bad rep among social media marketers. Granted, they’re not established and recognized beasts like Facebook and Twitter, but maybe that’s a good thing. In a recent study by Shareaholic, researchers focused on social media post-click engagement across nearly all the major social media networks. The results were very intriguing. As…