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Measuring Twitter Brand Awareness: How to Define Your Golden Ratios


A recent study by the Social Media Marketing University showed that 4 out of 5 brands use Twitter as a tool to increase awareness of their products and services. If you’re one of those 4 out of 5 brands, then your main focus on Twitter isn’t always driving click-throughs or conversions. Instead, you’re trying to make your brand stand out in a… Continue Reading

Instagram and Twitter May Pair Better Than We Thought


Instagram links don’t perform well on Twitter, right? This is the assumption social media marketers have made for the last year, and it’s backed up by the data…or it was. Recently, Twitter updated its activity dashboard. Among other things, this update adds clicks anywhere on a Tweet to the engagement calculation: hashtags, links, avatars, usernames,… Continue Reading

Managing a Growing Social Media Team Using Analytics and Data


It can be tough to keep tabs on what your entire team is doing on social media – especially if many brands live under your company umbrella. You know your team members are mapping their activities to your brand’s larger goal, but how can you keep track of which strategies are being used to meet those goals and, you… Continue Reading

Colt 45′s Instagram And Twitter Strategies: Rappers, America, And Hidden Treasure


In a recent post, I mentioned that Pabst Brewing Company’s @coltfortyfive gathered more Potential Impressions than even its much-beloved and well-followed brother, Pabst Blue Ribbon, between July 3 and July 18. How could that be, I wondered, when Colt 45 only has 2,347 followers compared to PBR’s 68,600? It’s amazing what you can find out about a brand (even your… Continue Reading

Potential Impressions vs. Actual Impressions: Which Should You Measure?


Since Twitter updated its activity dashboard to include actual impression data, I’ve heard one question from a lot of social media marketers: Should my team focus on potential impressions, or actual impressions? It’s a good question, albeit a tricky one. And as is the case with most analysis, there’s no universal answer. If there were, we’d just call… Continue Reading

How To Anticipate And Answer Your Boss’s Biggest Social Campaign Questions


Raise your hand if these sound familiar: How’s that social media campaign coming along? Why aren’t we seeing more sales from social media? Is it really worth doing customer service on social media? Then have we got a whopper of a treat for you social media marketers and managers out there today! With companies’ increased investments in… Continue Reading

11 Beer Brands on Twitter: Pabst Brewing Company’s Tailored Tactics


When I began researching Pabst Brewing Company, I was surprised by the breadth of their brand portfolio. From PBR to Colt 45, the Los Angeles-based beer behemoth is home to more than 20 beers, including many beloved regional brews like Rainier for the PNW and Lone Star for, you guessed it, the Lone Star state.… Continue Reading

The Meeting Theory: How to Time Your Tweets Down to the Minute


Scheduling your Tweets is an art form. First, you have to pick the piece of content, then craft the copy, the CTA, build the link and finally send it off. In the past, I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the intricacies of that last step. I ran tests and even wrote a blog… Continue Reading

Why You Should Start Measuring Social Media Now Instead Of Later


Things getting crazy at work? Entering your busy season? No time to add an extra step to your social media strategy or daily workload? Actually, it’s just the right time. Just the right time to turn on the data. Because here’s the thing: when you start measuring what you’re doing on your active social channels,  you save… Continue Reading

LinkedIn’s Newsle Acquisition, Or Why Building A True LinkedIn Strategy Is Vital Now


LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Newsle, what’s been described as a Google Alert for your professional life, is just one more way the network is attempting to enable success for its users. It’s also the reason why LinkedIn is (or should be) so attractive to all you marketers. Here are the features and smart plays LinkedIn’s made to… Continue Reading