How National Geographic Drives Giant Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Engagement


Social media analytics company Shareablee ranked National Geographic as the most effective publisher in the social space for the month of July, with 46.4 million engagements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today, National Geographic has an audience that’s 40 million-strong between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit owes its social success to a cohesive cross-network strategy designed to… Continue Reading

How the Travel Channel Wins by Catering Content to Google+, Instagram, and Beyond


According to recent research, the average Travel Channel viewer: Takes four domestic vacations each year (one more than the average non-viewer). Spends approximately $2,625 on a typical domestic vacation or leisure trip (38% more than the average non-viewer). Lists sightseeing and heading to the beach as their most popular vacation activities. Even more notably, the research found… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Use #Hashtags on Twitter


Hashtags allow marketers to engage with users they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach, build branded campaigns, and sleekly measure the results. You can use hashtags in a variety of ways. We’ve broken down the five key ways here, but for more insight into hashtags on Twitter, download our newest ebook The Complete Guide to… Continue Reading

How @Replies Factor into @TacoBell’s Social Strategy


Keeping an audience engaged is as integral to a successful social media strategy as growing the size of your audience. Taco Bell is an expert at keeping its finger on the pulse of its audience. Excluding @replies, Taco Bell averaged almost 1,300 engagements per Tweet in August, 2014. Over two-thirds of that engagement came from… Continue Reading

Twitter Testing “Buy” Button That Could Change Your Social Strategy


Today, Twitter announced that they’re testing a new ecommerce feature with select partners, and it isn’t a stretch to say that it could change the way brands plan and use the network to drive sales. Twitter is testing a “Buy” button that will let users purchase products directly from the Tweet, keeping commerce as simple as… Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Tailored Audiences


Twitter first announced Tailored Audiences back in December 2013. Just one month later, they released two new types of Tailored Audiences, much to the delight of advertisers. In general, Tailored Audiences give users the power to define their own groups to target via Twitter Ads. While the Tailored Audiences feature has the potential to be a game… Continue Reading

What Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor Taught Me About Social Media Measurement


If you are a serious social marketer, you probably have several go-to tools in your reporting arsenal. But how do you know when to use one report over another? A good friend of mine always says that the only thing separating a professional from an amateur is the right tool for the job. Or in… Continue Reading

How @Sportsbetcomau’s Controversial Social Strategy Captured the World Cup Conversation


Not many things pair as well as sports and social media. The social web has made it possible for brand marketers, fans, and even players to interact in real time, share excitement, and – outside the States – even place a bet, all without leaving the couch. has made a name as Australia’s premier… Continue Reading

Winning Your Social Community: A Seattle Seahawks Case Study


Over that past few years, the Seattle Seahawks have become famous for their very loud fans. These people have tipped off the Richter scale. Last season, on their marvelous march to a world championship, the social media team supporting the Seahawks faced the challenge of translating all of that fan enthusiasm and energy onto social… Continue Reading

Instagram’s #Hyperlapse Racks Up 119k Posts in First Week


Last week, Instagram launched Hyperlapse, an app that creates movie-quality tracking shots and fast time-lapse videos. Since then, the masses have embraced the new feature in a big way. This is good news for Instagram, who is competing against a flurry of competitors’ latest video enhancements. Hyperlapse, however, has made a stellar debut, and we have data to back… Continue Reading