Making the Most of Facebook’s Referral Traffic


Shareaholic recently shared data (specific to their clients) revealing Facebook as the biggest driver of social referrals to brand websites. Year-over-year, Facebook’s role in overall traffic that sites received from direct traffic, social referrals, organic search, and paid search has skyrocketed, even as organic reach has decreased. Facebook is adding a lot of value to marketers focused on site traffic. How can you optimize your Facebook… Continue Reading

A Social Media Manager’s Lens For Successful Sponsored Content


The unwritten part of a social media manager’s job is to be an undercover psychologist. Social marketing is a function of understanding what makes your audience tick, what doesn’t, and how you can capitalize on that knowledge. This is where data and measurement become essential components to your social media strategy. Recently, I came across… Continue Reading

How Your Social Data Can Benefit Every Department: A COMPLEX Case


Complex Media keeps its social programs thriving by measuring them – and not just for the sake of the social media team. The massive 19-site network understands that what’s happening on social has implications in every department and level of its organization, from ad sales to engineering. We spoke with Carmen Villafañe, Social Media Director at Complex, to… Continue Reading

How State Farm and Social Media Breathed Life Into Cliff Paul


When State Farm and digital agency Translation started planning an NBA-focused campaign, they zeroed in on their biggest value as an insurance company: Agents. Not all insurance companies offer individual agents to each of their customers, so when State Farm started working on a program with NBA All Star Chris Paul, they decided to center… Continue Reading

Measuring Twitter Brand Awareness: How to Define Your Golden Ratios


A recent study by the Social Media Marketing University showed that 4 out of 5 brands use Twitter as a tool to increase awareness of their products and services. If you’re one of those 4 out of 5 brands, then your main focus on Twitter isn’t always driving click-throughs or conversions. Instead, you’re trying to make your brand stand out in a… Continue Reading

Instagram and Twitter May Pair Better Than We Thought


Instagram links don’t perform well on Twitter, right? This is the assumption social media marketers have made for the last year, and it’s backed up by the data…but we’re finding this might not be true. Recently, Twitter updated its activity dashboard. Among other things, this update adds clicks anywhere on a Tweet to the engagement… Continue Reading

Managing a Growing Social Media Team Using Analytics and Data


It can be tough to keep tabs on what your entire team is doing on social media – especially if many brands live under your company umbrella. You know your team members are mapping their activities to your brand’s larger goal, but how can you keep track of which strategies are being used to meet those goals and, you… Continue Reading

Colt 45′s Instagram And Twitter Strategies Uncovered Through Data Digging


In a recent post, I mentioned that Pabst Brewing Company’s @coltfortyfive gathered more Potential Impressions than even its much-beloved and well-followed brother, Pabst Blue Ribbon, between July 3 and July 18. How could that be, I wondered, when Colt 45 only has 2,347 followers compared to PBR’s 68,600? It’s amazing what you can find out about a brand (even your… Continue Reading

Potential Impressions vs. Actual Impressions: Which Should You Measure?


Since Twitter updated its activity dashboard to include actual impression data, I’ve heard one question from a lot of social media marketers: Should my team focus on potential impressions, or actual impressions? It’s a good question, albeit a tricky one. And as is the case with most analysis, there’s no universal answer. If there were, we’d just call… Continue Reading

How To Anticipate And Answer Your Boss’s Biggest Social Campaign Questions


Raise your hand if these sound familiar: How’s that social media campaign coming along? Why aren’t we seeing more sales from social media? Is it really worth doing customer service on social media? Then have we got a whopper of a treat for you social media marketers and managers out there today! With companies’ increased investments in… Continue Reading