Consumer Response to Facebook F8 … On Twitter [CHARTS]

Consumer Response to Facebook F8 … On Twitter [CHARTS] Agasthya Upadhya Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

As a company that focuses on Analytics on Facebook, we were closely following the Facebook F8 announcements this morning. Facebook revealed several changes to the platform and user experience. We tracked the term f8 to see which topics resonated with consumers. There was heavy volume during the keynote and here’s what stood out…

Agasthya Upadhya

Agasthya Upadhya

  • Paul

    You could have also watched the number of viewers on the live stream which looked to top 108k at the peak and appear to follow the twitter volume graph in viewer drop off.  Cross correlation of data points always helps in validation.

  • Anonymous

    I know changes are drastic, and it seems like facebook users are more upset than ever – but I know I am thankful for one thing at least. I am, embarrassingly enough, not an owner of a smartphone.

    The introduction of apps to facebook allows me to use programs like voice for facebook where I can actually call a phone number from my cell to update my status. I might even say its easier than using a smartphone for the same thing.

    If you’re a dumbphone owner like me, here is the site where I found it: (it works if you have a smartphone too, just FYI)